Saturday, July 5, 2014

what does total freedom cost you or mean

what does total freedom cost you or mean

so meant times we discuss total freedom and don't understand it's motives
we barely realise by how meant rules we live thinking ourselves constrained by laws,
we determine that we need food , and the treatment of things by the rules we determine ourselves to live by.

reality is different from how we conceive; for in fact we conceive by rules and are not unlimited and unbound entities at all , in order to explain why i would simply state the motive to acquire things is based upon the assumption that we need them,

need itself is determined by our limited capacity to acquire and maintain for in the presence of absolute power we have no need to get, make or take.

truth be told we have no idea of what total conception as achieved by creation and the creator really means to those who are determined and live by rules, such as ourselves.


As the creator of machines that are motivated by rules we create; We can observer that a machine made for a specific purpose acts within the rules framework that we (the creator) create,

Observation of life for machines comes without the necessity to regard life with question's as to the motives of creation, However as the motivation for creation becomes more complex the perception of the creation of the motives that created existence; Become harder to evolve into a logical reason for the creation (machine or biological entity etcetera),

From the viewpoint of the creation/machine/AI/entity the answers to questions like:

Why do i exist ?
For what purpose do i exist ?
Will i evolve ?
Do we have freedom ?

The complexity of questioning creation as to the motives of the creator event become harder and harder to perceive as the creation event complexity increases.

Life is rather more complicated than we ourselves can cope with in regard to :

"forming a bubble of concepts that we can sum into an answer; because like algebra the sum creates an answer from varying input."

Intelligence is very important as is the ability to contain the data required to complete the maths.

(The hitch hikers of the galaxy series asks these questions if we notice.)

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