Sunday, April 21, 2013

spin control 3d Maping of multiple dimensions

Several methods of Dimensional placement (c) RS

Coloured numbers on the 3D picture to represent the accociated vector in 4 to 13D space
Discs that both point the vector and directionals of the object on colour coded disks
Colour rendering encoded to associat the rainbow effects with 3D logic
Algebra of course can be used to sum the directions in a table :-)


The reasons for using these method's is that they are as close as 3D can show 4D etc while maintaining eyes meant to see in 3D.

Originally i just thought of using colour ranges to represent distance but it logically meant the picture was black and white.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

junk the genetic survival trait

junk DNA in genetic is a survival trait

simply put if you put all your valuable genetics close together and then expose it to radiation survivability is minimal,

genetic junk ism is more a method of preservation and life extension and adaptability than simple pure code would ever be...

additional features can be made from regular code and salvage , in addition badly written viruses end up in junk code and lost.. good riddance.

i would say this of man and the other species of the earth survival is a big game in genetic terms...
and for that potential to exist one must have undergone genetic fragmentation on the order of a billion billion...

monkies don't type on their own you know ;-)

yes the big apes of earth have learned to code wow...

new viruses new forms of elitism , new forms of social bigotry well done.

current and public dispersal of common genetic root stocks is too late to get back in the bag and some one or some thing (alien , demon , reptile plot believers this is for you ;-p ) will create a super virus or germ or make planet destroying nanites ...

for in the words of artists in every culture destroying revolution every when ...
art , history and the truth are the first things to go before the fires...

one cannot build without changing but in a world being divided every day in hatred , it is inevitable that the usual suspect burners  ... people haters , animal haters (myxomatosis for rabbit haters)
and other forms of hater be they atheist or not will have their day of theoretical glory with a doomsday device... and science at its peak is to be blamed for the used the ignorant use it for...

from atom bombs to satan himself man is always playing an angle and who's to say no one else is too ?

the inevitable result of wanting a "pure" race or genetic code is a lack of survivability

yours sincerely RS

(c) RS

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brain Work out

culture is a very important factor in evolution of the right mind set...

when all things are considered the learning environment makes a big difference to how a brain functions and is used,

im not pretending an ape will be a human or a human an ape but fact is if your life is full of un-complex drivel particularly if its unsophisticated emotionally can lead to significant loss of potential in a species...

that's why adequate attention to apes and ubos orang-outangs etc pays off with an increase in potential,

as can be seen here in these specimens the education and testing of animals in challenging environments causes development of the folds and nature of the brain..

for those who don't believe in such things simply look at trained versus untrained brain damaged patients after strokes , simple fact is train = gain

can't do better than your best but can do a lot better than you did or do.

training a society to not think or overcome challenges is like reverse engineering a society into stupidity and a lack of good education and or environment makes the society and its people weak stupid and uncompetitive.

the harder it is to understand without thought the more you accomplish by understanding it.