Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brain Work out

culture is a very important factor in evolution of the right mind set...

when all things are considered the learning environment makes a big difference to how a brain functions and is used,

im not pretending an ape will be a human or a human an ape but fact is if your life is full of un-complex drivel particularly if its unsophisticated emotionally can lead to significant loss of potential in a species...

that's why adequate attention to apes and ubos orang-outangs etc pays off with an increase in potential,

as can be seen here in these specimens the education and testing of animals in challenging environments causes development of the folds and nature of the brain..

for those who don't believe in such things simply look at trained versus untrained brain damaged patients after strokes , simple fact is train = gain

can't do better than your best but can do a lot better than you did or do.

training a society to not think or overcome challenges is like reverse engineering a society into stupidity and a lack of good education and or environment makes the society and its people weak stupid and uncompetitive.

the harder it is to understand without thought the more you accomplish by understanding it.

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