Thursday, March 14, 2013

wave theory at its purest

the essence of wave form theory (c)RS

wave forms essentially define reality
from the atom to the particles of dust in your vacuum the essential truth is wave form dynamics have defined vertically every form of reason we have defined within a subset of wave theory

from the realisation that circles of light interacting globulate generate atoms to the theories of light itself , almost all definitions used to define anything from gravity to electric fields and atoms them selves is defined pre eminently through wave theories ...

think about electrons ( move in waves ) atoms react to heat ( a wave ) by waving

the essential truth is wave forms define reality in all its forms

every thing from magnets ( a defined and steady wave ) electron spin (wave)

protons ... neutrons in fact everything you can dream of in reality is defined by wave theory without even defining a particle at all

a particle is in fact by definition a bent wave through multiple dimensional realities and not even a defined point but rather the centre of the wave form as defined through infinity and thusly is also summed to zero

define reality ? reaction and positive results from the formation of real objects and shapes through the defining wave form..

that is what a string theory truly is a wave form reality.

true light interaction is defined by its primary attribute and what is that :-)


Unknown said...

Interesting read. Keep up the good work Rupert. Would you mind if i shared this on my facebook page?

Thanks, Colin.

Unknown said...

Vibrational Energy ;)