Thursday, March 7, 2013

Genetics and a study of

Genetic Manipulation and thought links

Modern genetic evidence of genetic shift link

another example of earlier evolutionary ^^ trends

modern manwe is so certain of its uniqueness and yet so unwilling to think about how this came to be..

earlier trends in genetic shift and mixing of the ancestors has left us puzzling over how to cover up obvious truths..

the genetic manipulation of populations to introduce traits that other genetic paths occupy,
has been done earlier in our history than the introduction of modern man or indeed genetic manipulation through the use of actual lab based gene swapping,

for examples :
the carrot
the potato

commonly it is assumed these days that genetic manipulation is the mainstay of a modern science ...
where as in fact it is much much older than that.

what we see today is an assumption of laboratory usage being necessary for genetic manipulation..
where as infact basic observation techniques are more than adequate in most cases..

this can for example be proved by the various types of dogs available today , most of which was made by creative breeding.

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