Friday, May 15, 2015

Rotational force and gravity (the power of a force)

Take any mass, for example a single penny and rotate it fast enough to orbit...

The question is how strong does the string have to be .. ?

Now take the string and make it 16cm long and rotate the penny... how strong ?

Now take the string and make it 30cm long and rotate the penny... how strong ?

Now take the string and make it 2 meters long and keep that penny on a level orbit .. how strong and thick does the string need to be ?

Now make the penny rotate in the orbit of the moon upon the earth and measure the force both on the string and upon the pivot points in both masses..

Now by example theorise about a string that holds the milky way in the form it has been for over 1 million years..


How strong is the object that holds the point of gravity as a force between the atoms of the milky way so that it rotates as fast as it does.. ?


Now think about the fact that some galaxies are moving away from us at some factor of the speed of light...

Measure the force expenditure to increase the distance between us at a constant rate...

Measure the required energy to force these large bodies apart faster and faster and if that happens the acceleration rate.. + energy expenditure


If gravity pivots on the atoms :

Does it pivot on the force within the atom ..

Does it pivot on parts of the nucleus differently ?

Does that force have the capacity to separate the parts of an atom..

What would happen if that force where nullified upon the atom :

Would anything be lost ?
Would anything be left behind ?
What would happen to the atom or the thing composed of those atoms..


So finally what is the gravity constant ?

What is it's relative strength ?
What is it's relative density ?
How long does this force last ?
What power is expended in the gravity force being applied ?

Where does the energy go or come from ?