Thursday, October 10, 2019


Cloudflare Massive : news : QUAKE G VPS SERVER

Retiring XSEDE TACC's Wrangler system: Creates massive news bubble in VPS virtual private servers CF

No longer accepting allocation requests and will be decommissioned from XSEDE on September 30, 2019.

Plans for the 10000 Core Terabytes of RAM, Multiple GPU Dynamic Cloud VPS System to be used for tasks such as:

QUAKE SERVER : Multi Terabyte Node, Dynamic access maps
RIFT Servers
World of Warcraft
Star wars Online
Star-trek Online

Cloudflare Server node hive.

Amazingly the revolutionary TACC Wrangler ML System offers priority one multi port 10GB Ethernet with internet access of less than 15ms latency.. High security & key location in Texas Arizona..

Wonderful news.

Rupert S


VPS : Serious business expansion: big fast cloud

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Protein function observations - WCG - Protein Interactions : Prions

Protein function observations

"Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Researcher Developing New Methods for Deciphering Protein-Protein Interactions"

Docking poses of a single protein pose significant processing time consumption ..

" ∼50 000 docking poses for each protein pair. Thus, for a given protein P, we considered about 50 000 × 262 = 13 100 000 docking poses."
"23 642 ISs, which were merged into 370 IRs to define our second “extended” dataset, PPI‐262" (Interaction Sites IR)
Limited computation time demonstrates how complex life is; Being billions of interaction for more complex life forms.

In this example we see that probability of a pose being relevant compared to for example vain size & shape.. Or the particular acid/base/alkaline & Chemical composure of the environments of function..
Also temperature ranges need to be born in mind as bodies function though a set range of temperatures..  18|31

In beings living in for example geothermic vents.. The environmental pressure upon proteins is rather more challenging for most of the life on our planet; Proteins are a key reason for challenge & survival.

Available interaction points also count as potential attack vectors for acids; Oxides .. Ozone and other functioning chemical interactions & changers; Decomposer's or modifiers.

Trypsin in the diagram (Figure 2) brings a memory of the influence large amounts of brain fluid in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).. and the bovine version.. however this will have to be examined.

"both SCcons and SCnotLig are designed to target conserved sites, their predictions often overlap substantially.24 By contrast, SCgeom disregards conservation and uses only physicochemical properties and local geometry to capture highly protruding interfaces not necessarily conserved through evolution."

Conservation of binding sites though evolution denotes stable evolution over time,
Binding sites appear to have sudden modifiers that lead to large changes in the dynamics of shape; Chemical interaction & evolved function,
In this rule conservation of function does indicate smaller changes to the evolution of species,
Larger & sudden shifts in function have large dynamic shifts in pattern though-out a biological systems function & design,
Deliberate or random changes.. Have sweeping effects on function & biodiversity,
Large changes or small the complex interaction of dynamic chemical interactions have large effects on biological function & these need to be studied.

Small shifts in chemical composition of proteins have varied effects upon the function of the bio ecosystem..
Such an example is left & right handed prions in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), Smaller changes could potentially produce astonishingly large changes or almost unnoticed effects.

Some examples:
eating disorders
Auto Immune diseases

Regards Rupert S

Friday, July 12, 2019

WCG - Boinc - Community Science Proposals

WCG - World Community Grid proposed topics of interest

Boinc : Bare Metal VM

Firstly the world community at WCG propose to do many a worldly good for the aiding of social order & good health..


Study into the fungle foot infections including bovine fungle foot rot,
While this topic may seem minor the effects on society of bad feet is annoying and clinically depressing to so many.

Study of the various effects of tar including examination and computation of the locations and formation of tar & excessive poisons in the lungs,
Proposal includes all collected data & informed research in biomedical databases.

Healthy living is the requirement of mankind & alien species alike.

Study of bone fractures & the auxiliary study of XRay examination with radiation dosage assessments., Further study will improve on already successful research at WGC,WHO & MSF (UN)

Study of chemotherapy & radio interactions with antibody proposals for medical grade chemical usage minimisation & optimisation.

Study on the effects of skin burns on healing & of the environment-s best suited to self healing bodies; Under therapy & or ointment treatments.

Rupert S

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Vulkan Kernel - Windows - Linux - Android - Apple

The Vulkan Kernel - Windows - Linux - Android - Apple

References to VULKAN can be replaced or supplemented with Metal (Mac OS) & Direct X

All driver parameters are set according to the Vulkan principle with hardware and AVX & Float versioning...

Under the level 2 kernel api calls, Direct messages to the driver modules in Vulkan compatible script, The kernel is fittingly representing the screen resolution though mode & VESA Standard 2D & 3D instructions..

Mode query will one proposes include Vulkan API call queries to all compatible devices..
For this purpose the api will call an ID on the device for driver model/Version.

Once the VESA & Vulkan standards are found; Mode setting can be carried out by the OS,
However the Open CL & GL functions for screen settings can be used pure.

Depending on space in the bios uefi the calls may have already been made to call the screen optimum into being, Bios calls can reference hardware, IO, DMA & Memory/Feature Sets,
Such settings are equivalent to environmental flags (Set).

Pure Vulkan kernel calls in Kernel speed up the process & lower RAM usage,
Possibly increase security (ideally)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Website Development : 3D : Vulkan Stack for web page,data,science & gaming.

Website Development : 3D : Vulkan Stack for web page,data,science & gaming.

Stack list:

HTML DOM (Document Object Model) >
PHP & Database >
JS - JQuery & JQuery 3D feature stack & jquery ui >
WebGL >
WebGL Compute &
Streamline API
Vulkan API - Direct Render : Ray trace the Audio/Video/Text & Visuals and force/ gravitational effect paths,

Use Vulkan - Direct Compute OpenCL to trace , optimisation and pre-render Vertices,Borders,Renderings & pass Vector trace to GPU & Back To Direct Compute OpenCL.

= Interactive 3D & Web

HTML DOM (Document Object Model)

"The DOM is the structure a web browser generates from an HTML file. The browser reads the HTML file and generates a version of the elements that is formatted for your JavaScript code to communicate with. We need this “translated” version of the HTML so that we can use JavaScript to talk to the elements on the page. If JavaScript could not talk to the DOM, we wouldn’t be able to use JavaScript to change the appearance of the page."

3D Document manipulation though the use of JQuiry


PHP & Database stack to handle program data and formatting...
& because PHP can output pages and windows in code formatted in DOM and HTML5
We can create menus and pages that do not require the use of large file sets..

Code repetition is the secret of the PHP and database system,
Other systems like sites written in HTML require pages to be written to the server &

PHP with the database stack is a sensible system to reduce the nessety to use Lots of storage for the site code,

PHP code can create multiple window sets with Dom orientated Dynamic JS and HTML5 Dynamically
Using the principle of JQuery & JQuery 3D feature stack.


So HTML5 & DOM create windows, frames & interactive content:

However we need to use standards that create animated objects & people,
While we can draw basic 3D objects in HTML5 we also would like them animated..

3DMax, AutoCAD & other formats provide motion for vectors so we need HTML5 to animate objects though OpenGL, WebGL & Vulkan.. So we need formatting to create motion in GL.

Tables of motion & reaction, created in small database sets, Database sets can be compressed & should be.

For this purpose we use databases, more than 1 so we are able to store sets of objects within the scene or web page.. In essence we stack compressed databases & this allows us to both interact with the page & stop downloading data or save bandwidth.


Trace & Compute : Open CL Direct Compute, GLES,GL,Vulkan,Direct X : Video Effects
Ray trace the audio and force/ gravitational effect paths
Use open CL to trace , optimisation and pre-render, Light & Sound & effects such as force-fields,

By Intercepting occlusion in comparison to OpenCL Direct compute directives of force & motion & energy .. Direct compute (OpenGLES 3.1,Vulkan, Open GL & Direct X..

Direct Compute Open CL is able to ray trace anything from simple dynamic effects to bullet trace sound effects, With direct mapped effective & efficient Direct Compute OpenCL in 3 modes:

direct mapped effective & efficient Direct Compute OpenCL in 3 modes:
Real time
Pre-Rendered on load (scene & lighting, base shadow effects)
Interception real-time pre-render (Microseconds) with Spontaneous : Active CL (tm)

Use of cone, AE Effects lower the CPU/AVX/GPU processor usage while maintaining effectiveness.

Library builds reduce development costs with Real-Time Engines.

Other effective use of compute such as maths are 100% Effective both in games & on the web.

We can use CPU & GPU MipMap & Tessellation  RiS with micro smoothing predictive tessellation with map fonts, We can also do colour maps and lut conversion for dynamic contrast & Sound for the Realtek Audio codec! We can do this for video also...



LUT tables and tone mapping: Vectors

On the subject of LUT tables and tone mapping, 2 methods are available to us..

The Vectors can be mapped RT with ray tracing (they work out the vector)

The Vectors and dimensions can also be worked out with Open CL and Direct Compute..
Both OpenGL/Vulkan & Direct X have direct compute..

Many forms of vector calculation that involve intricate maths  can be worked out in vector or OpenCL Vector library function, The advantage of Open CL Libraries are that functions and tables can be worked out without ever having to re program the maths solving OpenCL Code,

Such that Open CL & Direct compute libraries can for-fill many tasks, Bearing in mind that Open CL & Direct compute are work solve time controlled we are able to use the functions for many tasks including web browser maths and composure, With these examples we' will define the future of display maths code & logic.

AVX & Float can obviously be used leaving Compute vectors like SIMD viable for code logic.
Compute Shaders are also able, Long logic denotes the advantage of Vectored OpenCL & Direct compute/AVX.

Vectored code : tessellation & other functions using SIMD & Compute Shader maths:

VR-VMP-3D - Vector tables/SIMD/RayTracing/High Precision Float & Light/Shade & Colour HDR Mapping & Polymorphic HDR 3D Sound, Texture emulation of feel, touch and sensation though Direct Compute Shaders & poly numeric maths.

Haptic 3D feeling/Sensation/Visuals/Sound & Audio for JS/script & code/Open CL/Direct Compute for 3D/Video/Internet HPC.

Sensational Virtual 3D Web/Video/Classic Video/Games/Audio/Fonts with haptic sensation and touch! All new JS ML code to make true sensation : real feels for emotional highs as you chat, tip or cam your game experience & do research high performance compute.

(c)Rupert S

Networking, Audio & Display Codecs:
Have you thought about using shaders in Networking ? to realise the network data strategy...
The same is true for displays & Audio & other Science data such as Neural networks,
Image improvement and encoding & entertainment video codecs, 64Bit HDR Dynamic Contrast

We can apply the interpolation to video for smoothing and vectorisation of the video elements in float for sharpening & to our interpolation for tessellation of the RiS sharpening for all our GPU and CPU elements.


WebCLGL : Libraries & JS

WebCLGL use WebGL2 specification to interpret code.
WebGL is used like OpenCL for GPGPU calculus using the traditional Render To Texture technique.

WebGL Compute

ROCm & Vulkan Drivers : Debian/Ubuntu Linux install :

The thing with AMD drivers is that you need to uninstall the previous driver completely first before installing the new one.. ROCm sounds promisingly likely to improve with the laboratories promising to improve ROCm with cray & does not require uninstalling ...

ROCm & Vulkan Drivers install

run this after downloading file (google drive):

sudo chmod 774
sudo ./

Open Source Driver for Vulkan : Debian/Ubuntu/Linux

run this after downloading file:

sudo chmod 774
sudo ./

GL to Vulkan : gfx-portability : Prototype library implementing Vulkan Portability Initiative using gfx-hal. See gfx-rs meta issue for backend limitations and further details.

OpenCL/OpenGL/Vulkan API : Mac:Windows:Linux:Android

Texture & polygon optimiser & compressor

Speeding up websites JS - for JQuery, PHP excettera! Very exciting for app development & Boinc SDK

Fetch code includes optimisation - to be run before JQuery

Require-min to be run before JQuery - migration is for older version compatibility

Site Efficiency!


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Compiler Optimisation : CPU/GPU/Vector/Float : Transparent Open CL Direct compute

Compiler Optimisation : CPU/GPU/Vector/Float : Transparent Open CL Direct compute.

OpenCL, Web CL, Web Compute, Direct compute & Integration of CL code into gaming & web content..
We are able to utilise processing unite types by running the majority of code within a single class,
Such is the case, But we need to optimise the interruption cycle with Open CL Compute,

After all is it not the objective to receive code that compiles well on all?

Proposing to streamline the coding stacks into the Open CL pipeline allows simplification of the complicated task of writing in Open CL & also optimises code is such a way that it is :

Faster, Smaller & safer.


To implement the usable and fully functioning implementation of Open CL direct compute,
For the improvement of CPU MMX,scalar,Vector pipelines into the system architecture of future & present systems.

The open CL, Direct compute pipeline is predominantly vector & therefore,
Open CL Direct compute pipelines are by nature compatible with Scalar Vector architecture..
This means CPU,Float,Vector & GPU, This also means that Open CL structures can be directly encoded into scalar vector,GPU & CPU pipelines easily using vectorised compilers,

The advantage of vector pipelines is the CACHE; By this i mean all processor caches,
In type vectorised pipelines are also faster in integer.

While directly vectoring pipelines may be problematic, Mathematically clean balanced vectors are by nature error proof & fast.

Therefore OpenCL Direct compute is implementable by encoding that is to say compiling directly..
to the CPU feature sets & GPU, Vectorised floats are manageable in AVX,Scalar Vector functions and usable by floating point units, non floating point variables are capable of CPU integer encode.

Compiling code directly from languages in GCC & other compilers into Vectorisable variable adaptable code is also manageable in transparent compilation that makes invisible the necessity to compile code that is only usable one single way,

With pages in php with database backing rendered Though:
OpenCL Direct Compute maths scripting the output into Vulkan,ESGL & DirectX..

The usability of Open CL compilers; Enabled to write instructions for Vector processing units & float & Yes even Integer instruction sets such as X64, Is most important.

Function of the Floating unit : FPU : Scalar Vector Unit & Integer ..
Are fully compilable with instruction conversion & microcoded objects.

Allowing the system HPC to convert all available computation unity into realestate for high performance computing and gaming, rendering, Dynamic compiled code objects .. All at the same time.

Since compilers such as GCC shall have object compilers for Open CL Direct Compute code..
Direct from C++ & Fortrans & the objective code will be optimized for compute unite by class,

Float, Integer..


Data Example Chart: OpenCL Backed data object hive: data science, web pages and gaming

With pages in php with database backing rendered Though:
OpenCL Direct Compute maths scripting the output into Vulkan,ESGL & DirectX..

Into: object orientated data & charts, Into 2D/3D web pages & charts or diagrams.
Alternatively the rendering of High performance computing can compile and output:

Machine intelligence data, Medical data sets, Bioinformatics & gaming data informatics such as consoles & 3D Renderings.

Into: Web pages; Including JS,PHP & Database that back the dataset hive we need to improve the scientific readability & look.


However since float and integer exist together; Coding has become a slippery squiril so to speak..
Quite often floats in Vector code end up being translated from and to integer over and over,
The transfer of code from and to float is quite in-efficient,

However for example floating point definitions of page layout in PHP can lead to errors in web page layout & cost additional ram & page .php file size (however we do use compressed UTF-8 (GZIP),

Only the final form needs to definitely fit into the finite data set of integer or float ..
For rendering in high definition & VR realities we really need the 64bit precision or even float,
Data saved in integers saves money & resources such as storage..

Conversion of float data into integer & Integer into float takes advantage of resource allocations & we do need to ensure that output pipeline is float on higher than HD displays!

We can allocate OpenCL compatible code to integer units quite easily, But as stated we need clear lines between sets of integer code and float for optimisation reasons.


Compiler books & reading :

(c)Rupert Summerskill

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Zombie Load bug update solution

15/05/2019 - Zombie load bug : Intel : said to slow down processors especially with java

How do we avoid the performance loss? Believable solve

Essentially we have to make speculative load cache private to the operating system at a minimum, essentially we can still use masked data load above the system but we need to verify the task ID and PID and where possible tab/Window or process ID.

Essentially we need to trim the dataset to the process in a tree ML.

Processor : Privileged execution by kernel : By application list & Privilege level in regard to the recurved data.

Memory Containment is not just prefetch stack but also system, OS & Process.

Mitigation by security dam , Masking data & Antivirus software.

Essentially prefetch data is necessary  for assemblers & coders to optimise the code stack,

However security privilege levels for accessing the code within the entire windows stack is to be prioritised by privacy level.

Programs that optimise the execution priority need access ideally to data on execution timeline & data fetch,

However accessing the applications memory array in random address space needs to be tailored to the type of execution; Who it is by,

Privilege level & the process that created the interception relative to the executed process.

While this may prove measurable in protection; low level kernel executed viruses would still be able to access above..

Masking in the form of up & down privilege priority and task child/father/mother is a complex machine learning theatre of war,

A field of operation requiring kernel & userland advanced & sophisticated cyber security,
Contributing elements such as memory encryption & key data field scrambling/masking from spying; Snooping and virus do also enable payloads to go unfound..

In short solutions that enable privacy for process are also to be enabled for antivirus & security threat detection.

Complex systems of personal protection will also have to scan for code; JS & other applicable code that is out of place within the appliance frame work / stack .. Without compromising the security/privacy we personally seek.

Masking data is a processing task subject to objective fair use policy & usable system operation; Optimisation ability; memory clearing; field reduction or use & re use; Personal & impersonal information or data subsets,

Tasks & management.

(c)Rupert S

Fix-Spectra.bat Enables patches in windows

Update 14/05/2019 or later installed and all VM's need to be shutdown and restarted & updated according to Microsoft post.

More details:

Update 2: Buffer security strategy

To obtain buffers for one application only..
Extra buffers are deployed, These buffers can be cleaned or contain application specific data.
These are program specific and contain only data for one program.

Remember that clear buffer fetching can be done from a single place involving a single cached fetch cycle and memory location modification on write / Memory Reloc & are to be in level 2 or 3 cache.

Thusally we are able to maintain a clear buffer, After all clear buffers are not program specific so one will do and hence a single fetch by cache.

As stated buffer security plans include localised buffer fetch sets, Application specific & secure.

Strategy 2

Buffer arrangement is tiered in strategy 2

Tier 1 : Tier 2 : Tier 3 : Tier 4 : Tier 5

The same way we draw an ML diagram <:> Core cache : Secure tier 1 : Secure Tier 2

The arrangement can be by PID & father daughter sets & does not necessitate the clearing of the buffer unless this is requires, In the case of a clean buffer a clear standard buffer is already in Cache & is swapped in.

This strategy avoids buffer clearing cycles directly interfering with the program execution cycle,

For buffers are ether program specific in a key ring or already clear / State flushed.