Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sound in space

people often parrot an old lie : "there is no sound in space"

infact there is... !

the sun launches atoms (the solar wind) in our direction

eny atom bouncing the sound off another atom will make the sound...
solar winds carry it
atoms carry it
the arorus carries it and shows it.

an expelled breath in space carries it throu the speed it travels.

and so there is sound in space..
there is the sound of the big bang if something could carry it
there is the sound of the sun

Thursday, March 1, 2012

baby stars

New stars being born < link

an increadable story about the birth of new stars...

its no suprise that we see new stars having teething troubles as more complex animals also have this problem and of course insects and birds.

 infact ment of lifes creatures have problems at birth ;

wouldent be suprised if other creatures in life like the universe itself has the same problems we do :)