Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quad bike seat-belts

Quad bike seat-belts .... (c)RS

the reason's you don't use a seat-belt on a quad bike or trike..

 it can roll on you and a seat-belt would make you kill yourself then or at least come to harm

your motion is restricted...

however if the seat lines are attached to your body armour
and detect when the bike is over 40% sideways so it can release easy
(with force clips so you don't actually have to replace it every time)

(and if your in a roll cage) a light one would do you don't need release bolts or springs etc so can use a secure tag line seat-belt

Friday, June 28, 2013

a new bug called Rosotcavo

a new bug called Rosotcavo

here are some pictures..

as can be seen the beetle has legs like a grass hopper so it can almost certainly be classed as a type of grass hopper ... but its yellow and black are very like a bee so it most probably uses that as a type of camouflage to say its dangerous ...
it can be seen feeding on nectar so it most probably is a pollinator ... (but has no hairs that i could see)

smaller eyes and large anteni make it interesting... and are all carictaristics of a grass hopper


Thursday, June 13, 2013

ideas for a no armed lady (c) RS

(copyright) RS

seeing the video below i thought we might cover some of her issues

no arm lady putting her stuff on by herself with her feet

as you can see from the video she uses a tool perhaps of her own invention and perhaps they can pay for new stem cell generated arms or bio mechanical implants....

any way devices need to be made to help people like her

a half circle with a back brace that one can slip cloths on to that one can slide into tops by standing up and or lean back onto

using a hand replacement that can be controlled  with the mouth and another with the feet

an artificial arm that can be controlled by using the shoulder muscles ... shoulder muscle contraction and or electric biofeedback based upon little pellets embedded in the skin to act as a joystick..

obviously the arm and leg replacements are the best for people ....

leg replacement wise i would use a balanced wheel system that will allow the hips and belly muscle nerves to control its motion and of-course spinal nerves that are not in use can be trained to control the biofeedback nodules we will implant in several places from pelvis to the lower tail of the spine and or abdomen.

Friday, June 7, 2013

milky way observations

gravity tendrils the star masses around one after another ...
transferring the spin from the core,

this acts much like viscosity and has a specific amount based on the density of materials concerned and interacts fundamentally like viscosity.

frond like formations ( like simple leaves ) form naturally in likeness to early life forms..

the centre is an equilateral division but off centred at right angles and is a very interesting phenomena. and worthy evidence for examination of the Einstein gravity space warp study

a study of light wavelength colour shift in the miky way and a proper picture of each star arranged in a proper 3D Star map of the galaxy could prove useful from several angles ...

the vector of the milky way can be worked out from it...

also the exact mapping of gravity can be made from it and likely scaler differences.