Thursday, June 13, 2013

ideas for a no armed lady (c) RS

(copyright) RS

seeing the video below i thought we might cover some of her issues

no arm lady putting her stuff on by herself with her feet

as you can see from the video she uses a tool perhaps of her own invention and perhaps they can pay for new stem cell generated arms or bio mechanical implants....

any way devices need to be made to help people like her

a half circle with a back brace that one can slip cloths on to that one can slide into tops by standing up and or lean back onto

using a hand replacement that can be controlled  with the mouth and another with the feet

an artificial arm that can be controlled by using the shoulder muscles ... shoulder muscle contraction and or electric biofeedback based upon little pellets embedded in the skin to act as a joystick..

obviously the arm and leg replacements are the best for people ....

leg replacement wise i would use a balanced wheel system that will allow the hips and belly muscle nerves to control its motion and of-course spinal nerves that are not in use can be trained to control the biofeedback nodules we will implant in several places from pelvis to the lower tail of the spine and or abdomen.

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