Sunday, November 25, 2012

Space is not empty vacum energy

Very interesting and logical
 (c) RS
space is not empty
like a spring it unfolds -- imagine space as the guts inside a human..
 it is folded and then unfolds (multiple dimension reality)
its expression is complicated but simple and elegant from the right angle.
truth is space is enything but empty and can be torn or rendered ...
one can hang things on space and decorate it or even rely upon it.
it is not simply like living in a hollow tube
because space is in every direction occupied by unseen things and perhaps even living entities.
in short the void is not a true emptiness  and occupies a dimensional reality ;
most probably twisted in every centimetre.
just as the picture below is not empty if you can see it properly >>

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the brain and evolution

the brain and evolution

In many ways we wonder about the value of our genetic code and its seemingly redundant sections....

The basic truth is the genome is built around optimizing features already found in nature...

and even within basic organisms...

To those that say man could not have been created by evolution i simply state :
Bearing in mind how much crap is present within our code one can only presume that years passed and bugs crept in :p

While the human form and our neurons are indeed miracles ; thy are not the be and end all of evolutionary design...

In germs the evolutionary process versus redundancy is strict and thusly prunes non usable code..
in things like mammals our shear survival characteristics permit lazy coding ....

The older the code the more streamlined it is likely to be !

In the case of this growing biological sample you can see the obvious similarities with nerve structures ... or trees and thusly can prove that evolution of our profoundest features has come from the ground up...

In short the whole point has to evolve from the simplex code of our origin's..

Trees birds humans and life in general is built to exploit the entropy / thermodynamics of the cosmos and ultimately have been made with it , through it and by it....

Even thou the basic instinct of entropy is to burn it all at once ... rules forbid it..
Even though a simple explosion would burn it up quicker ... evolutionary chaos has prevented its demise.
even if you where to understand this simple thing:

Life has evolved to fight entropy and chaos by using it to survive.
Entropy kills and grows through pain and life has evolved to be mud banks slowing it down while using it to shape and live through...

Life , death and decay are attributes of our world founded on the fact that genetic code was designed to fight these effects while maximising profit : Life , Creativity and evolution of better ways to exploit what we have to maximum advantage.

The matter on your brain was crafted from basic picture sets evolved before even the sign of an actual brain was seen and most certainly before planned parenthood (eugenics) would change by the precepts of man.

The basic function of instinct is older than the brain and ultimately lead to its production to further reactive capacities.

(C) Rupert S

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creation being and theory

the emotions of a cosmos cannot simply be put down to sound
but frankly theoretically sound wave strings are a logical conclusion..

as are bubles of pure thought traveling within multipe dimensions both up and down at the same time...
across a metamorphic sphere

other reasonable theories exist but non are mine like the last 3 :)

simply state the universe is recursive symbolic poetry ,
one can interpreter it many ways for it is beyond one simple understanding,

to think one understands the universe is to understand that you are a fool to have simply not admitted it was a wonder.. ;-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hawkins radiation and theory

*** Quote ***

Cosmologist, astrophysicist, and physicist Stephen Hawking showed, in 1974, that black holes should emit electromagnetic radiation with a black body spectrum; this process is also called black hole evaporation. In brief, this theoretical process works like this: particle-antiparticle pairs are constantly being produced and rapidly disappear (through annihilation); these pairs are virtual pairs, and their existence (if something virtual can be said to exist!) is a certain consequence of the Uncertainty Principle. Normally, we don’t ever see either the particle or antiparticle of these pairs, and only know of their existence through effects like the Casimir effect. However, if one such virtual pair pops into existence near the event horizon of a black hole, one may cros
s it while the other escapes; and the black hole thus loses mass. A long way away from the event horizon, this looks just like black body radiation.

It turns out that the smaller the mass a black hole has, the faster it will lose mass due to Hawking radiation; right at the end, the black hole disappears in an intense burst of gamma radiation (because the black hole’s temperature rises as it gets smaller). We won’t see any of the black holes in the Milky Way explode any time soon though … not only are they likely still gaining mass (from the cosmic microwave background, at least), but a one sol black hole would take over 10^67 years to evaporate (the universe is only 13 billion years old)!

There are many puzzles concerning black holes and Hawking radiation; for example, black hole evaporation via Hawking radiation seems to mean information is lost forever. The root cause of these puzzles is that quantum mechanics and General Relativity – the two most successful theories in physics, period – are incompatible, and we have no experiments or observations to help us work out how to resolve this incompatibility.

Read more:
***End Quote***
(C) RS
we are of course assuming all matter falling into the back hole is the opposite of what the black hole is composed of ... 
but on average both positive and negative particles will have fallen in and thusly the energy 
balance should be Zero unless the black-hole carries a polarised charge :-)
so let us summarise infinite equal distributions of positive and negative = 0 if annulled,
it is also possible the created mater replaces information with information and thus new information replaces old.

such information replacement would be in line with thermodynamics : the increase of uniformity within a system (cerca 1979) and random rather than ordered data...

such a process can be found in VHS Tapes.
and that's if the matter inside the black hole carries a charge since it might not..

black holes and the big bang

(C) RS

well i was wandering about the theories concerning black holes
and wandering if prahapse there was just to much energy to create black holes in the big bang
according to a paper i read the other day ; light in high enough densities would be able to form a black hole...
so onto the big bang...
what sort of light levels where we talking about ?
was there such a thing as light during the instance of the big bang ....

energy levels where presumably high enough that ..
densities go well beyond those of a black hole in our universe
so one wonders perhaps  about the creation of matter and its relevance to the laws of black holes,

for in a universe where energy levels of creation where high enough to create an entire universe ...
one would suppose there was enough to create billions (even that is not a high enough number) of black holes and possibly wormholes..

so if one is wondering about the expansion of the universe one can observe a possible solution to energy dispersal ...

in the form of wormhole transference :
billions of wormholes form and simultaneously transfer the energy to a massive amount of space..

that is a possibility , white holes

infinity is a rather large concept isn't it.

also we can observe a positively astounding concentration of matter in the form of suns ....

simple truth is repulsion must be a force that prevents the formation of black holes ; since our own sun is still active as a sun :-)
and to be honest that must play a factor in the big bang..

for according to my theory the matter to form a black hole should be in a low energy state and yet of high enough density and thusly ; durring the big bang the question is :
was the formation of black holes actually forbidden ?

what about wormholes ...

was creation matter pluripotent ?

what quantum states did it form ?

was it positive and negative ?

what kind of charge did it carry... ?

*life is an astounding thing ; never forget that*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ohm's Law

ohm's law of the borg

there are so many of us
Resistance becomes futile

for you may resist us one at a time but together ...
no resistance shall exist

Friday, September 28, 2012

Geometric calculating machines

Holographs of light ... (C) RS

We can precisely measure geometries in light due to the fact that light is a variable geometry itself...

For example the precise geometry of a triangle can be worked out inside a sphere of light ....

Using a single laser and a ball with a hole in it, the creation of data from arc sin and tan.

If i was to say a reference i would recall that vectors can be worked out as a simple geometry of end points and lines....

So simply using the same method as Archimedes to measure the vectors of planets but in laser light and precise reflection... should precisely replicate his results but at a much higher precision....

Using a traditional computer to simply record the resulting calculation so it can relate to cyber minds.. to computational cores and GPU's.

On the other hand because of its 3D nature ..
It could be replicated on a GPU with ease although obviously not to quite the precision of a real light machine...

There are many ways to solve a problem other than complicated maths or using high precision binary.

Even a binary machine can be represented in counter interfering light with liquid crystal blockers and inverted light...

The same could be said for sound Replication of 3 dimensional data in 2D dimensional Data Sets,
Sin,Cos & Tan in relation to the 2D & 3D date from sonar.

(copywrite) Rupert S

An example : GPU : The light chip is here to stay (c)RS
WebCLGL : Libraries & JS

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The thermodynamic properties of the gaming community in virtual spaces - VM, VR, VReal, Dream State, Engram

The thermodynamic properties of the gaming community in virtual spaces - VM, VR, VReal, Dream State, Engram

Like all systems even virtual ones follow strict rules of thermodynamics...
or thermodynism (the dynamic of thought,energy & popular life)

Where energy flows to and from....

Just like universes the original input comes from massive creation events (advertising and linkin's)
energy and matter flows into the universe ; Forming clusters of light that burn bright..
and just like galaxies thy need more energy and influx..

Sources of energy are like recycling at some points wherein energy enters into the act of self creation and modification...
Other new sources of being and light are created in entities called guilds , empires and federations...

The system can gain significant energy as the matter within it goes through states of being...
and can lead to a long term re invention of the energy forms within the universe..

Some times energy forms form complex sub units with variable life times... (armies fleets and planetary structures)...

Whole systems can randomly vanish in a haphazard way for in the hast to make the universe much of the matter is unstable or at least has that potential...

Sub parts may or may not be recycled but rest assured the laws of thermodynamics are present here ...
and invariably energy forms recollect into other forms ... Some times in labouring system entities or other forms....

However how does one prove the conservation of matter when energy and anti energy (inverted) exactly meet ?

Randomly losing matter in a non provable way...
This destructive force seems to release energy forms outside of the observers observable range of perception and thusly one has to solve the issue of compounded effects of mysterious properties,

To truly understand this issue further study and experience is required to further understand the rules of the system.

Mental & Computational power combine to form the resource; Such resource is mana.
Storage & the system that stacks: order,dynamic data, modification & other factors;
Create further proof of the energy of construction & use or modification.

Vampyres are basically pirates & data thieves.

The universal existence of energy rules exist : Rule all

(c)DT : RS : Detonator VX

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wave Form Replication and Harmonisation

(C) RS

in view of the wave form phenomena i believe its possible there is a corresponding wave above as well as below...
such a formation is called a local wave phenomena...
and relates to us being a complex wave formation on a 3 dimensional bubble brand  ...
an inward and outward formation on a singularities sceen or theoretical layer....
rather than simply being information we are a multidimensional wave form that inter relates at the point alpha the centre of our being...
beings of dimension inside beings of dimension ad infinitum...
the possible value of almost replication is based on the unlimited power of the fractal to self replicate ; inside an infinite space.

Monday, September 3, 2012

the ultimate fate of the universe

Infinity the wave and the particle

finite solution
also refer to and its links

after some thought about the field effect of small light mass particals such as electrons covering more and more space as thy get lighter....

we can come to some conclusions

one : the field aria (probable location) would be infinitely dense and small and thus provably non interfering with the theoretical locations around it...

Two : such a field could theoreticaly hold a universe of information... maybe even more :)

three : when the particles eventually decay into their lightest component the effective field range could be practicaly infinite.. and as such a quantum event of unity in a large form.

Four : such an event might be practicly a singularity ....

in the words of infinity : the one becomes many the many become one.

things with a mass have a wave and the heavier thy are the more private that wave.
and the lighter the more open and thusly forming an infinite wave of all particles ....
thusly explaining the principle of light that it is both wave (infinite) and particle (singuler)...
the universe in such a state becomes one infinite wave.

the only vertualy infinite wave we know is gravity ; so the possibility is that gravity comes from a vertualy massless particle

if infinite space where covered by a super resonant gravity or field it can lead to many effects including the instantaneous formation of a super black hole in other words big bang

bubble universe theory (c) RS

oraborus the cycle of life , infinity and unity


infinite state of decay or infinite rebirth in a universe effected by the observer


15:18 *Azrael*: my only problem with the update that gravity is not an infinit wave form but a singularity phenomenan... i mean if it was a wave form it would have to be inverted, and that's a singularity

exactly ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Infinite dimensions inside a 2 dimensional layer

. >< Infinity (c)RS

i was thinking about how meny times a Zero can fit inside a zero and of course its from 0 to infinity

and i was arguing with myself about how only one infinity can fit inside infinity even if its -1 etcetera
simply because it still is not going to fit :)

but an infinite 2d paper could hold an infinity of almost any number of dimensions if the data is recorded in 2D or on a string of infinite length in binary or coloured dots or 1D waves etcetera
3d + dimensions on a super string of infinite expression is possible..

thus it is possible to store an infinity of dimensions within dimension if the expression of the media is infinite.

the universe can thus be a string ... a quantum dot (single particle) a black hole
a mesh of strings or indeed something more complex..

one might observe that the simpler the thing formed by chaos the more likely it is to be made...

chaos projected onto a single point of random particulate seems more likely than a complex world fully formed in chaos when not done as an abstract geometry , seems over all logical

a single particle appearing in a place with more matter density than ours at random to express our entire cosmos

this super string web sound 2 dimensional etc random particle in effectively infinite time is an almost logical conclusion..
and rather more logical than a universe existing into which our black hole dropped into a fully formed universe.. that is still possible but requires a universe to exist for us to exist inside it.

an infinitely small particle into which all life fits is more likely as a definition.

indeed one might suppose an infinite dimensional reality could of small enough fit inside a point of zero ;)

indeed the universe being created by a creator still comes with the problem where is the egg .. ?

still it seems the cosmos is not yet ready to self create by chance is it ...
for such a thing might still decay unless observer effects truly count for something.

such a creator as the amoeba creator (infinitely small and thus unsuspecting and simple to make by random) or the infinite one

Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploration a century of discovery

Click the photo to see it at its biggest.. :)

we talk about space it is just a pinch away from your minds hand ...
to the mind it is within reach and easily so,

We are born into a world of magnificent proportions ,
On one hand it is tiny a near 9 miles that most of us can see to the horizon why almost any of us can walk it ;
Yes its big but not that big to get to eny thing we can see.

Most of the stuff that has been relevant to the species of our planet is close to us (relatively) ..
Indeed that's the point !,
Survival has not relied upon us understanding the true size of the universe..
we can see it and up to a point relate but there is no history of reward ; servivalisticely
Simply put we have always seen it so we can relate but genetic'ly there has never been a reason to see it.
Till now..
well dinosaurs died out because of a rock from the big void ; but in terms of things you can do something about or with ; the genetic code of survival had no need to optimize for deep sight or depth of perception..
To the point that if we can at all it must have been of some relevance to our existence.

In the case of man we are lucky to have been nomad hunters that needed to get home without a wonderful geomagnetic sense. ;)

We needed what we have and thus'ly we have them !

Do not underrate the need before greed principles of our ancestors.. don't be a loot hoarder. ^!^

we have needed and lucky we are not to be like rinoserus  or some other almost blind underground ferrit
and yet we lack skills found in nature.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

big book of universal revelation ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Natural Stars

coloured like a rainbow
the heavens need no justification for their splendour :)

yes we can clearly look for planets in almost eny age of the universe...
and perhaps man like beings also... splattered across the sky like so many jelly fish..

when it comes down to the life time of the universe i would say it clearly grew fast !
as if it already had a definition , of course the definition of rules defines all that is splendid by those rules ...
and as can be seen in the sky the heavens had almost the same rules as we ourselves seem to live under,

What bigger promise than that that life seems to have been lived by our rules for almost 13Billion years...
the fact that most of the quantifiable resources to make our own planet have been discovered within the clusters ... solves the problem with the super nova's causing the production of heavy elements...
and yet being to far away to effectively deliver them in the time scale needed to fit in with a 13 billion year universe...

for the matter was gathered in clouds and formed pure stars and classical planets for,
our solar suit
our wagner
our suit of splendour that the days pass in milky white valium

that all the parts are made whole does not take proof of faith as the only reason to love her..
our cosmos is splendid and even those who hold no space for soul and magic must surly learn to appreciate a cosmos beautiful without any reason to justify it but that we are born in to it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Relativity and wave harmonics

relativity is the fact that all objects within our cosmos interact with one another but are viewing the situation from a very personal point of view,
everything shares the same world but depending on factors relating to energy 
and or position interact with each other at times that from another perspective;
May never have happened the way thy themselves see it happening;
Because of the function of the wave coefficient and time synchrony

(c) RS

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


that which you see may baffle you into infancy
that which you do not see may disappoint you
that which you know may contain you feed you and cloth you but ultimately never be enough to know ..
unless you know faith in it

for faith is infinity
has no bounds or limits to what can be true

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DNA Thinks and interacts through us

DNA Thinks and interacts through us : (C)RS

as this report clearly demonstrates DNA communicates between members and animals through sound and other forms of communication , such as pheromones and does a lot of our thinking ...
it also proves that DNA basically uses the nervous system as a means of interpreting the world in its efforts to both think for us and communicate it's desires...

Basicly DNA thinks and reacts ...
in the words of 5th element if it reacts it must have a reason for doing so

basically it is about survival ?
really is that all we are made to do...   not

as proven by the fox gene activating during interpretation of the song....
self evidently the genetic code is doing some of the thinking...

Big thought isn't it.. !

Virtual Eyes virtual organs and virtual voices

I have got to say why not make vibration eyes ? (C)RS

The concept outlined here is to make organs that use existing senses to interpret another type of sensation, Creating a visual for sound is not entirely impossible..
A sound created in visual data can still be read; A visual data in sound can still locate..
The tongue could see, The eyes taste & the nose feel the light.

These examples of adaptive technology assume that creators can expand on conception.

That cause feelings and or sound that can be learned to be read like eyes can by the blind and dame for the deaf,
These things would be given to young disabled people for constant use and would be learned like normal organs are

The being is a learner and you can literally learn off anything... the first beings literally had to learn off white noise..

Sound , sensation , electronic/feedback stimulation ,

Or in the case of blind people a hearing text reader

The deaf can feel or read it as proven

The blind can feel or hear it

The mute can mime or write or think it.

Such devices can be learned to be used and do not require a powerful processor but could work wonderfully on something 4 times more powerful than a TX80 with 1 mb of ram

Considering mobile phones blue tooth devices can be made that can interact with a phone and soon be helping the disabled to use life as well as the device thy have to communicate...

Text to speech and bell sounds and pops and code to represent images for blind people ; it can be complex and beautiful... so a mountain really is beautiful and tranquil in sound or vibration.

Virtual organs can be as complex as text and as beautiful as a massage or a bird song...

Just like that it can be both fundamentally soul making and life enhancing.

love RS (C)

space and mass

and the rules of electrons and theoretically all matter

in theory the less mass a partical has the more space it can occupy
thus'ly space which theoretically has no mas can occupy infinite dimensions ;
conversely if space has mass it occupies a limited space or region...
thus concentrating space in a region and causing gravity...
because matter attracts space and space attracts matter...
the 2 are bound together as one unified whole and one or the other or both are connected in a common rule

it should be possible upon knowing the mass of each partical the amount of space it will occupy from its information payload and mass...

and this can be tested in both directions ....
so for example we can work out the mass of eny partical or field that occupies X amount of space

Humm ... i was thinking about the shell shapes while re watching the video and i thought:

it is a multiple dimensional wave contorting within an almost infinitely small amount of aria as defined by pi 
over lapping and interfering with our space in these wave form fields ; defined by energy levels and the contortions of a folded bran


Monday, August 6, 2012

Infinity processors Quantum

the material infinite (link)

According to one theory the universe is composed of infinite patches but finite possible laws in it...

It is deeply interesting that :)

One could mean a finite selection of laws or a finite arrangement of the matter but according to our laws...

Thus arguing for a finite number of versions of our space :)

However you have to know how big our patch really is ;)

and if every patch has different laws or not or if any share them...

After all quantum interference would mean 2 Exactly matching universes would be in sync with one another....

Just like a wave form overlapping exactly the same one....

If one was reflected/Inverse; They might mutually annul one another...

*Infinity* -1  (C) RS

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vectors and gravity

(c) RS

the big bang still exerts an in drawing effect on us and matter....

much like the force of vacume ( not vacume energy ) that sucks things back into the single point that is the past...

the matter blasted out exhibits a vector in this dimension which is not as we think it in the center of the universe but actually in another dimensional vector...

entropy pulls us to our deaths and gravity is a reaction to it...

matter together has a faster drawing in the other direction ( like a plug hole)

and time passes as the matter cant be pulled down the hole fast enough...

in deep space the speed of time is faster and close to gravity it passes slowly..

in effect 2 forces fight one another..

the taker and the giver,

in technical terms these forces are called god and the devil or god and death..

drawing you to a destination that ages you , while matter conserves your force and will keep you safe and alive.

effective time at the black hole edge is 0 with the matter in a black hole falling into it faster than the en-tropic state can take it out,

this creates energy and thusly a place where the black hole can in turn be a universe.

in short falling faster grants you time and keeps your energy safe,
but as you do so you fall ever deeper into the hole and thus further and further from the source of life.

in effect entropy kills you while providing you with your life.

in chaos there is but one force of note its called energy and we are created from it,
entropy is the opposite and destroys all energy forms..

according to various sources these two elements create being.

without ether we wouldn't exist but that existence is both of immense value and on a knife edge,
Death ever close , death ever nearer and ultimately the means of expressing life without chaos's infinity to grow it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Velocity and time

Fine Structure Decoded - Bhushan Poojary 1st Conference Ever -Youtube video link-

basicly the speed of light is the maximum dimensional shift of the wave ( also proving that the universe is a wave :)

i was thinking Y could be argued to be speed and i was thinking that light speed is like a shift into another dimension or direction a vector in fact and this explains why time is different between moving objects going different ways at different speeds

and thus to this video my break through is that :

the universe is a wave dimensionality and maximum deformation is related to the mass and length of the string.
and that the speed of light is a limiter because of energy and breaking it would require leaving the string most probably.

also worm holes in that universe might require string hopping.

basically the density of the string determines the maximum speed a wave moves along the string and its mass how how and low and also speed...

entropy can be determined as energy loss over the string as the wave moves and could possibly be zero

also the size / density and nature of the string can be worked out from the speed of light.

it can also explain the re emission of energy from particles.

cheers RS (c)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dark Matter

(C) RS

the eventual outcome of the universe if sticking to simple physics is its eventual dissolution...

due to the fact matter becomes light and neutrinos and other non interactive or gravity inducing particals the universe in theory grows ever lighter....

the vacum energy or conversely suck force is the result of a force ever pulling energy from the universe...

i dread to think what force is doing this ... but it essentially comes down to a place where life and energy does'nt exist getting the whole universe and in turn just as the force of a cyclone sucks the air and pops energy out of vacum this force sucks additional matter into being.

becouse the matter largely comes in the form of mater and anti matter this does'nt mean a continual big bang creation theory... although it could easily be manipulated to make additional matter.. such as found in the big bang.

however if this is possible the eventual size of the universe is infinite and of course it will continue to expand.

and thus we can be the big bang creators like unto god.


Monday, July 2, 2012

string theory and cosmic life

cosmic string theory as displayed in the paper above offers a few simple posibilities as to how the universal child grows,

the cells formed by the structure mutualy repell acording to the laws of boundery theory..

forming micro cells that expand into full systems..

as the system expands it changes ; in a symetric symirlarity to DNA strings forming the living being.

some day this child will reach adaulthood ;)

and some day make children of its own.

for we are one and the same ; the balance the equasion will follow through and life will reach its state of being.

*this is not the end this is the beginning*

Na Synthetic DNA

there is a destinct line in logic to cross

the obvios :

Na is a metal and reacts to acids and pair swapping..

the chemical is unique ; normal DNA has swapable base pairs

it would not respond well in a nerve cell i believe and in the presence of such compounds as lithium,
a common pharmacutical drug..

it may not self repair as well
it may have to meny complex side affects to truely show all ramifications..

the presence of a metal would imply aquiring more of it from the enviroment..

the sea may not be an entirly sympathetic enviroment for it..

becouse the metal is a big atom it may well be torn from the dna readily... and ionised resulting in an acid etc..

highly responcive to magnetic fields.

*end* (C) RS

Saturday, June 30, 2012


chaos ....

the word defines the objective of reality ; or so one could think.

however the laws defining our being and some of the simplest we have.


all things are connected,
all earths are a seed,
all life together.

matter interacts cosmically as well as locally through continuous matter and energy flows..

portals are mear'ly a true balancing of these facts

true vision is one clear of all diversion from the core goal.

to see plainly one simply looks clear of judgment.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Wormholes and logic space

within bubble theory the worm hole is illogical if directly following the law of cosmic space ; 
without a suitably over powering force from the outside... 
however in the bubbles = intestines model it is possible with ripples, 
however wormholes would most likely detach from reality and 90% of the time be unstable to the symmetric particle core.

reason outlives a purpose  if it outlives imagination

for no one would shine in their meager way where it not for the challenges expected in life ; that we come into this world never expecting to understand every thing ; 
but always trying to.

in reply to > link

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturn and titan proving that no two planets realy have the same atmosphere

Casius passes the Saturn rings (link)

Saturn and titan with their distinctness's

but did you notice the different colours of the atmospheres ...

could be the colour emited is caused by the most common isotopes ;)

but thy already know that ...

so why is saturn's blue  and titan's red ; apart from the reflection of light form the surface ....

but it does prove that the atmosphere has its own unique colour response. :-)

think about that...

also ..
a question is if saturn has a mostly hydrogen atmosphere where did titans nitrogen come from ? ;)

bearing in mind specific powers of gravity and location.

Ok i have looked at this post in wonder! However I do have several questions to answer and these may be of more objective worth to the mind.

For example the Question where does the difference between Titan and Saturn come from being that they are in the same location by approximation, Now hydrogen & lower density mass; elements bleed ..

However Saturn would be exposed to the same mixture of chemicals & atoms so ... how much nitrogen does Saturn contain? how would we prove the presence of a mass filtered atom ? look deep

How much can we & will we see?

What about the theoretical size of the seed to the planets, Can we approximate the original seed size?

What chemicals originally clung to the seed body?

How cold was the seed?

How long does this formation take ?

Given the assumption that mars's magnetic field is assumed to protect the atmosphere of mars less than earth because the field became weaker over time.. How strong was Saturn's field & how does it fluctuate over time; Expand or diminish? If so when, where and why?!

When we talk about planets there are quite a few questions to answer or ask.

Questioning the planets, Asking of the stars.


Black holes and interesting facts

an interesting fact or 2

black holes emit light when thy absorb matter ....

apparently always ...

so a question : why are we not all being baked by a giant Gama ray burst projecting back at us from above the milky way ?  ;-)

why don't we see a massive cloud of gas above the milky way :p ...

is the milky way really old enough to have spewed all the material from around the milky way center (creamy center) and still be alive ? ;p

do you really think we are the one galaxy we can see that doesn't have a burning Star laser at it's center and that that isn't improbable ;-D

yes you know god is a totally improbable idea and aliens i mean every one knows we are the be and end all of intelligent life in the cosmos and we are supposed to believe that ; while the idea of an intelligent planner/interferer  is considered ridiculous. haha

Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Bang still happening

the concept of empty space ; we take for granted its empty :)
however its not ... the big bang is still happening !

all that you need is a lack of gravity and particles and the new atoms appear and thus proving that empty space ; really is not empty at all.

so what event did make it possible for there to be a 90% positive force universe ?

now that is a question that deserves an answer..

*to infinity and beyond*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Charged field found at center of milkyway

an interesting observation of the electrons moving around the milky way leads me to some questions...

in view of a video i saw the other day about the empty space being draged by gavity even from such a body as earth....

and thus deforming the space (that exists in space vacum empty space) and on earth between atoms ...

it leads me to assume that gravity can provide inertia , possibly
or that the magnetic fields from the black hole could do it :p

but in view of the fact that the spinning electrons and positrons are creating energy flows and emitting radiation i can only assume that the gravametric inertia slowly caused them to spin over millions of years...

i would postulate that these forces are also dangerous to space travelers as high energy particles , ions and charged particles are quite dangerous to living matter or indeed machines...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time and Relitivity

exciting discovery :)
related to this video >

the stars and objects moving faster are actualy experiancing life slower than we are compared to us !
so that would mean thy look younger than thy are....

thus how can you tell how old the universe is from them ?

and stars moving slower would age faster compared to us....

ERGO : some stars look older than us and some look newer however not all are

another interesting fact .... apparently negative mater is anti gravity paraphrase that also means it travels backward in time ; thus meaning all that negative suns and planets should in theory exist the other end of time from us ... in theory the other side of the big bang time wise wow !

(C) RS

Black Hole thoughts and miracles

so right ? 2 black holes with at least half the mass of the milky way smashed into one another to form the center of the milkyway :) right ?

what speeds would thy have been moving at.. ?

if thy weren't moving fast would 13 billion years be enough to form the milky way ?

so lets presume thy collided directly ... at some speed :p what happens when 2 masses pass close to one another with enough gravity to draw close together ... circling and gravity waves , presumably fast pulsing waves and mabee some tearing of matter from the holes .. through the event horizon. :D

what would you say the chances where of 2 almost infinity small objects directly colliding even with Billions of suns worth of gravity .. ?

add the fact thy most definitely would be moving fast for it to happen in 13 billion years !

gravity waves , god knows what kind of energy emissions (mabee mass creation ) and HELL fire.

additional questions are :

how long would thy circle for ?

what would it look like ?

would the singularities be exposed due to the non existence of gravity between 2 equal gravity forces ...

what number of black holes would it take to make the galaxy center ?

how did the black holes gain their speed ?

how on earth did thy meet in infinity ? (space is rather vast)

if black holes regularly strike one another their must be lots of them ... ;)

if their are so many black holes where are the gravity waves or distortions or missing light ?

why are we here if there are so many :p

are we lucky to be alive or what ! :p

miracles happen every day even in science hehe

a less complex creator being randomly formed is easier to explain than the random creation of all we know

(C) RS

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

infinite speed - infinite energy

do you see stars in every direction older than ours ? :)
do you see galaxies older than ours in every direction ? :)

some from close to the time of the "big bang" or other theories :p

then i ask a simple question :

if these older galaxies are all around us is there a source to a big bang not involving infinite being in a single instant ? (yes no)

is there eny proof that the speed of light was exceeded ? (yes)

is thier proof the universe may have been larger once ;)

is there proof that the universe still exists there ?

what we perceive is remnants , the remains of the past.

what we see is proof that something happened there that exceeds the speed of light.

for we would not see it at all if it where not so.

so there is proof
real proof of infinite speed
of infinite matter from a single point of magic of wander

life you dream
life you live

(C) RS

Neutron stars and thier lives * theoretical physics

in responce to >

Why neutron stars rotate so fast - my theory

The star begins with an inherent rotation....

The mass thusly falls on the neutron star in one direction and falls into the waves caused by the stars rotation...

As the star rotates what essentially amounts to waves form on the surface due to the fact that the outer layers move against the comparatively faster moving inner surfaces...

Much like how a bike's outer gear moves at a different speed to the outside than the inside due to differentials in circumference....

This is almost like the vortex observed in sinks :) only in 3 dimensions ...

Leading to layers rolling against one another like in the sea. !

The common point being the surface is distorted in a regular if froidal chaos way..

and thusly the mass falling on the star is bound to encounter these regular patterns in an averagely regular way and thus give a spin to the star...

and as defined by the interaction of rotational velocity versus gravity the speed observes would fall within the boundaries of possibility wherein the neutron star can exist at all ...

Thusly defining the shape and size of star most likely to form a neutron star,

Depending on the type of explosion , implosion or reactions that cause the star to become a neutron star the actual optimal size would vary ... and also the energy levels and gravity force required to make the proton and electron combine can be worked out and thusly the actual true repulsive force between electrons and protons and what it is at the moment of joining..

The many other forces that make the reaction can thusly be focused into a singular unified variable but only at point 0 ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

why is a nuclear explosion not like a lazer

why is a nuclear explosion not like a lazer

why not a uniform colour of light ....

can a single atom simultaneously release more than one colour of light ?

seems logical that the light may divide into different spectral emissions but how ?

i mean the theory behind a lazer is the simultaneous explosion of atoms in a synchronous pulse...
and theoretically a nuke is the same ...

i was reminded of light bulbes....
i was reminded that hydrogen has only 1 electron .... so how on earth could it release all these energy patterns at once ....

a question about the release energy of electrons and the levels round a proton inside a nuclear explosion...

and if the electron would zoom off or not leaving a technically unguarded proton :(

humm a lazer effectively works on the same wavelength because the chemical concerned is sympathetic to a particular wave length of light ?  so thus we can prove that single elements are not sympathetic to one wave length.... nope

but base elements like hydrogen ; probably ... but why ?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sound in space

people often parrot an old lie : "there is no sound in space"

infact there is... !

the sun launches atoms (the solar wind) in our direction

eny atom bouncing the sound off another atom will make the sound...
solar winds carry it
atoms carry it
the arorus carries it and shows it.

an expelled breath in space carries it throu the speed it travels.

and so there is sound in space..
there is the sound of the big bang if something could carry it
there is the sound of the sun

Thursday, March 1, 2012

baby stars

New stars being born < link

an increadable story about the birth of new stars...

its no suprise that we see new stars having teething troubles as more complex animals also have this problem and of course insects and birds.

 infact ment of lifes creatures have problems at birth ;

wouldent be suprised if other creatures in life like the universe itself has the same problems we do :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gas Energy Capacity and gravity

in view of this video i decided to make a blog post...

he asks about gravities affect the energy within atoms...

it is my view that gravity make the energy emission spectrum of atoms different for several reasons:

1 : the gravity clamps the average energy before light emission
2 : gravity encourages the gaining or loss of energy into the system by rewarding fall with energy and taking it away from rising particles obviously.

3 : gravity obviously encourages concentration of gasses and thus energy ,
Such as in earths atmosphere or the sun.

thus in space due to the frequency of light emission versus absorption the average energy level is quite low where as in an atmosphere the energy would be stored or intercepted due to concentration of gasses and solids ,
where as in space the warm gasses would be leaveing the aria and dispersing ; while at the same time losing energy and with the atoms being so far apart there is little chance of it being received by anything that can defract it into more than one form of energy release.

How does gravity afect energy mantanence .and how it afects the transfer of force inside grease and water

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart of fire heart of life - Alien

what can we say of life but that we live.
we have few explanations of it but what we search for.

to that end all life is sacred