Monday, September 3, 2012

the ultimate fate of the universe

Infinity the wave and the particle

finite solution
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after some thought about the field effect of small light mass particals such as electrons covering more and more space as thy get lighter....

we can come to some conclusions

one : the field aria (probable location) would be infinitely dense and small and thus provably non interfering with the theoretical locations around it...

Two : such a field could theoreticaly hold a universe of information... maybe even more :)

three : when the particles eventually decay into their lightest component the effective field range could be practicaly infinite.. and as such a quantum event of unity in a large form.

Four : such an event might be practicly a singularity ....

in the words of infinity : the one becomes many the many become one.

things with a mass have a wave and the heavier thy are the more private that wave.
and the lighter the more open and thusly forming an infinite wave of all particles ....
thusly explaining the principle of light that it is both wave (infinite) and particle (singuler)...
the universe in such a state becomes one infinite wave.

the only vertualy infinite wave we know is gravity ; so the possibility is that gravity comes from a vertualy massless particle

if infinite space where covered by a super resonant gravity or field it can lead to many effects including the instantaneous formation of a super black hole in other words big bang

bubble universe theory (c) RS

oraborus the cycle of life , infinity and unity


infinite state of decay or infinite rebirth in a universe effected by the observer


15:18 *Azrael*: my only problem with the update that gravity is not an infinit wave form but a singularity phenomenan... i mean if it was a wave form it would have to be inverted, and that's a singularity

exactly ;)

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