Friday, September 28, 2012

Geometric calculating machines

Holographs of light ... (C) RS

We can precisely measure geometries in light due to the fact that light is a variable geometry itself...

For example the precise geometry of a triangle can be worked out inside a sphere of light ....

Using a single laser and a ball with a hole in it, the creation of data from arc sin and tan.

If i was to say a reference i would recall that vectors can be worked out as a simple geometry of end points and lines....

So simply using the same method as Archimedes to measure the vectors of planets but in laser light and precise reflection... should precisely replicate his results but at a much higher precision....

Using a traditional computer to simply record the resulting calculation so it can relate to cyber minds.. to computational cores and GPU's.

On the other hand because of its 3D nature ..
It could be replicated on a GPU with ease although obviously not to quite the precision of a real light machine...

There are many ways to solve a problem other than complicated maths or using high precision binary.

Even a binary machine can be represented in counter interfering light with liquid crystal blockers and inverted light...

The same could be said for sound Replication of 3 dimensional data in 2D dimensional Data Sets,
Sin,Cos & Tan in relation to the 2D & 3D date from sonar.

(copywrite) Rupert S

An example : GPU : The light chip is here to stay (c)RS
WebCLGL : Libraries & JS

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