Sunday, August 12, 2012

space and mass

and the rules of electrons and theoretically all matter

in theory the less mass a partical has the more space it can occupy
thus'ly space which theoretically has no mas can occupy infinite dimensions ;
conversely if space has mass it occupies a limited space or region...
thus concentrating space in a region and causing gravity...
because matter attracts space and space attracts matter...
the 2 are bound together as one unified whole and one or the other or both are connected in a common rule

it should be possible upon knowing the mass of each partical the amount of space it will occupy from its information payload and mass...

and this can be tested in both directions ....
so for example we can work out the mass of eny partical or field that occupies X amount of space

Humm ... i was thinking about the shell shapes while re watching the video and i thought:

it is a multiple dimensional wave contorting within an almost infinitely small amount of aria as defined by pi 
over lapping and interfering with our space in these wave form fields ; defined by energy levels and the contortions of a folded bran


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