Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploration a century of discovery

Click the photo to see it at its biggest.. :)

we talk about space it is just a pinch away from your minds hand ...
to the mind it is within reach and easily so,

We are born into a world of magnificent proportions ,
On one hand it is tiny a near 9 miles that most of us can see to the horizon why almost any of us can walk it ;
Yes its big but not that big to get to eny thing we can see.

Most of the stuff that has been relevant to the species of our planet is close to us (relatively) ..
Indeed that's the point !,
Survival has not relied upon us understanding the true size of the universe..
we can see it and up to a point relate but there is no history of reward ; servivalisticely
Simply put we have always seen it so we can relate but genetic'ly there has never been a reason to see it.
Till now..
well dinosaurs died out because of a rock from the big void ; but in terms of things you can do something about or with ; the genetic code of survival had no need to optimize for deep sight or depth of perception..
To the point that if we can at all it must have been of some relevance to our existence.

In the case of man we are lucky to have been nomad hunters that needed to get home without a wonderful geomagnetic sense. ;)

We needed what we have and thus'ly we have them !

Do not underrate the need before greed principles of our ancestors.. don't be a loot hoarder. ^!^

we have needed and lucky we are not to be like rinoserus  or some other almost blind underground ferrit
and yet we lack skills found in nature.


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