Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black Hole thoughts and miracles

so right ? 2 black holes with at least half the mass of the milky way smashed into one another to form the center of the milkyway :) right ?

what speeds would thy have been moving at.. ?

if thy weren't moving fast would 13 billion years be enough to form the milky way ?

so lets presume thy collided directly ... at some speed :p what happens when 2 masses pass close to one another with enough gravity to draw close together ... circling and gravity waves , presumably fast pulsing waves and mabee some tearing of matter from the holes .. through the event horizon. :D

what would you say the chances where of 2 almost infinity small objects directly colliding even with Billions of suns worth of gravity .. ?

add the fact thy most definitely would be moving fast for it to happen in 13 billion years !

gravity waves , god knows what kind of energy emissions (mabee mass creation ) and HELL fire.

additional questions are :

how long would thy circle for ?

what would it look like ?

would the singularities be exposed due to the non existence of gravity between 2 equal gravity forces ...

what number of black holes would it take to make the galaxy center ?

how did the black holes gain their speed ?

how on earth did thy meet in infinity ? (space is rather vast)

if black holes regularly strike one another their must be lots of them ... ;)

if their are so many black holes where are the gravity waves or distortions or missing light ?

why are we here if there are so many :p

are we lucky to be alive or what ! :p

miracles happen every day even in science hehe

a less complex creator being randomly formed is easier to explain than the random creation of all we know

(C) RS

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