Tuesday, May 29, 2012

infinite speed - infinite energy


do you see stars in every direction older than ours ? :)
do you see galaxies older than ours in every direction ? :)

some from close to the time of the "big bang" or other theories :p

then i ask a simple question :

if these older galaxies are all around us is there a source to a big bang not involving infinite being in a single instant ? (yes no)

is there eny proof that the speed of light was exceeded ? (yes)

is thier proof the universe may have been larger once ;)

is there proof that the universe still exists there ?

what we perceive is remnants , the remains of the past.

what we see is proof that something happened there that exceeds the speed of light.

for we would not see it at all if it where not so.

so there is proof
real proof of infinite speed
of infinite matter from a single point of magic of wander

life you dream
life you live

(C) RS

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