Thursday, October 11, 2012

black holes and the big bang

(C) RS

well i was wandering about the theories concerning black holes
and wandering if prahapse there was just to much energy to create black holes in the big bang
according to a paper i read the other day ; light in high enough densities would be able to form a black hole...
so onto the big bang...
what sort of light levels where we talking about ?
was there such a thing as light during the instance of the big bang ....

energy levels where presumably high enough that ..
densities go well beyond those of a black hole in our universe
so one wonders perhaps  about the creation of matter and its relevance to the laws of black holes,

for in a universe where energy levels of creation where high enough to create an entire universe ...
one would suppose there was enough to create billions (even that is not a high enough number) of black holes and possibly wormholes..

so if one is wondering about the expansion of the universe one can observe a possible solution to energy dispersal ...

in the form of wormhole transference :
billions of wormholes form and simultaneously transfer the energy to a massive amount of space..

that is a possibility , white holes

infinity is a rather large concept isn't it.

also we can observe a positively astounding concentration of matter in the form of suns ....

simple truth is repulsion must be a force that prevents the formation of black holes ; since our own sun is still active as a sun :-)
and to be honest that must play a factor in the big bang..

for according to my theory the matter to form a black hole should be in a low energy state and yet of high enough density and thusly ; durring the big bang the question is :
was the formation of black holes actually forbidden ?

what about wormholes ...

was creation matter pluripotent ?

what quantum states did it form ?

was it positive and negative ?

what kind of charge did it carry... ?

*life is an astounding thing ; never forget that*

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