Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturn and titan proving that no two planets realy have the same atmosphere

Casius passes the Saturn rings (link)

Saturn and titan with their distinctness's

but did you notice the different colours of the atmospheres ...

could be the colour emited is caused by the most common isotopes ;)

but thy already know that ...

so why is saturn's blue  and titan's red ; apart from the reflection of light form the surface ....

but it does prove that the atmosphere has its own unique colour response. :-)

think about that...

also ..
a question is if saturn has a mostly hydrogen atmosphere where did titans nitrogen come from ? ;)

bearing in mind specific powers of gravity and location.

Ok i have looked at this post in wonder! However I do have several questions to answer and these may be of more objective worth to the mind.

For example the Question where does the difference between Titan and Saturn come from being that they are in the same location by approximation, Now hydrogen & lower density mass; elements bleed ..

However Saturn would be exposed to the same mixture of chemicals & atoms so ... how much nitrogen does Saturn contain? how would we prove the presence of a mass filtered atom ? look deep

How much can we & will we see?

What about the theoretical size of the seed to the planets, Can we approximate the original seed size?

What chemicals originally clung to the seed body?

How cold was the seed?

How long does this formation take ?

Given the assumption that mars's magnetic field is assumed to protect the atmosphere of mars less than earth because the field became weaker over time.. How strong was Saturn's field & how does it fluctuate over time; Expand or diminish? If so when, where and why?!

When we talk about planets there are quite a few questions to answer or ask.

Questioning the planets, Asking of the stars.


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