Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dark Matter

(C) RS

the eventual outcome of the universe if sticking to simple physics is its eventual dissolution...

due to the fact matter becomes light and neutrinos and other non interactive or gravity inducing particals the universe in theory grows ever lighter....

the vacum energy or conversely suck force is the result of a force ever pulling energy from the universe...

i dread to think what force is doing this ... but it essentially comes down to a place where life and energy does'nt exist getting the whole universe and in turn just as the force of a cyclone sucks the air and pops energy out of vacum this force sucks additional matter into being.

becouse the matter largely comes in the form of mater and anti matter this does'nt mean a continual big bang creation theory... although it could easily be manipulated to make additional matter.. such as found in the big bang.

however if this is possible the eventual size of the universe is infinite and of course it will continue to expand.

and thus we can be the big bang creators like unto god.


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