Thursday, September 29, 2022

Audio presentation & play

"I made a codec but I am not sure how to improve it! probably interpolation"

Audio presentation & play (c)Rupert S

Available for Bluetooth, VESA, HDMI & DisplayPort & Hardware such as GPU, CPU & Equipment.

Well the thing is that Wavelets (Dynamic mathematical NDimension Nd Shape objects),
& Also PCM is Pictorial 2D & 3D shape in forms such as BitMap.

To explain bitmap; This is a picture; Now with a picture we can present an enhanced version using bilinear interpolation & Trilinear Interpolation...

PCM is a BitMap or JPG or WebP Wavelet 2D drawing of a graph that translates into Audio by copying the frequency & volume.

So basically any operation used on Audio can be used on visual elements; Including wave filters & resonators or WaWa Bars,

Digital Audio presented as BITMAP presents an ideal situation where we can enhance it with Graphical effects such as sharpening & shaping or smoothing..

We can also present the Audio in 3D through a non literal presentation of 3D through Colour or shade on the drawing; or present that audio in a parallel bars or side by side presentation..

The Sound Colour Table : RS

We can use colour to present precision, Warmth & vibrational intensity & amplitude..
We can use cross shading to present repetition, Translation & transition..
We can present so many ways, But more importantly we can compress colour in ways like wavelet
We can Present 3D & Virtual Surround through Colour

We can also present the Audio as WebP or Textures including our compressed forms; However we have to reduce our compression so that no artifacting occurs.

New Audio Formats:

Wavelet Bitmap
Texture formats such as STC, ATC, HDR, Deep Colour
Texture formats such as Drill & SLLRL, ASTC, EAC, DXT, PVRTC & DSC , , ,

32Bit Float
24Bit Float
16Bit Float

We can potentiate the floating point by using it to present 3D Audio virtualisation or to improve audio precision.

Rupert S


XeSS Is here and is great! #Exclusive

Lets use both XeSS & FSR to do Audio Sampling in 3D Wavelet (audio PCM
is just a BMP Saved!
We can do much more & compress more & still have better quality!


Compression formats:

Data Saving by inexact replication & Double layer wavelet shaping which are both one believes compatible with analog output & also with adjustment repeat play.

Compression matrix

SLLRunLength : Compressed Pixel

Drill texture & image format (with contrast & depth enhancement)

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