Sunday, November 21, 2021

MontiCarlo Workload Selector

Cash_Bo_Montin Selector (c)Rupert S for Cache & System Operations Optimisation & Compute

Monticarlo Workload Selector

CPU, GPU, APU, SPU, ROM, Kernel & Operating system :

CPU/GPU/Chip/Kernel Cache & Thread Work Operations management

In/out Memory operations & CU feature selection are ordered into groups based on:

CU Selection is preferred by Chip features used by code & Cache in-lining in the same group.

Global Use (In application or common DLL) Group Core CU
Localised Thread group, Sub prioritised to Sub CU in location of work use
Prioritised to local CU with Chip feature available & with lower utilisation (lowers latency)

{ Monticarlos In/Out }
System input load Predictable Statistic analysis }
Monticarlo Assumed averages per task }
System: IO, IRQ, DMA, Data Motion }

{ Process by Advantage }
{ Process By Task FeatureSet }
{ Process by time & Tick & Clock Cycle: Estimates }
{ Monticarlos Out/In }

Random task & workload optimiser ,
Task & Workload Assignment Requestor,
Pointer Allocator,
Cache RAM Allocation System.

Multithreaded pointer Cache Object tasks & management.

Based upon the fact that you can input Monti Carlos Semi Random Ordered work loads into the core process:

*Core Process Instruction*

CPU, Cache, Light memory load job selector
Resident in Cache L3 for 256KB+- Cache list + Code 4Kb L2 with list access to L3

L2:L3 <> L1 Data + Instruction


(c)RS 12:00 to 14:00 Haptic & 3D Audio : Group Cluster Thread SPU:GPU CU

Merge = "GPU+CPU SiMD" 3D Wave (Audio 93% * Haptic 7%)

Grouping selector
3D Wave selector

Group Property value A = Audio S=Sound G=Geometry V=Video H=Haptic B=Both BH=BothHaptic

CPU Int : ID+ (group of)"ASGVH"

Float ops FPU Light localised positioning 8 thread

Shader ID + Group 16 Blocks
SiMD/AVX Big Group 2 Cycle
GPU CU / Audio CU (Localised grouping MultiThreads)

If you could "Decode" Win DLL & particularly the Compiler code, plug
in! you could use these on console :

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