Thursday, November 4, 2021

*Expand Formula* SonaRuS : Form & Shape - Codec Wavelet Complimentary cross conversion (c)RS 2021

Form & Shape - Codec Wavelet Complimentary cross conversion (c)RS 2021

Full support on all Hardware architectures & platforms + CPU & GPU.
Full support on all Bluetooth Devices, HDMI Devices, S/PDIF & TOSLink Devices.

Though Hardware Accelerated Conversion & Enhancement or otherwise optimisation for Data Bandwidth & Quality of content; QoS

More like most GPU in the NVidia & AMD (& qualcomm & ARM) lineup,I really need both of you to support : SBC, AAC, LC3 & AptX as potential HDMI connection options.

You see as you know, largely upscaled MP3 & MP4 Content barely benefact;
From Conversion to a final PCM, Maybe LPCM?

But benefact massively from cross conversion into an upscaled form of the same codec type!

They also benefit from quick low latency conversion with the same WAVE Shapes (Wavelets)..
Scaled to higher precision.

principally in audio analogue from digital convergence; higher precision output from compressed waves command the following:

Audio compression & expansion formula :

*Expand Formula* SonaRuS

D = Distance
T = Time period

X = (Angle X Over D) / T
Y = (Angle X Over D) / T²

Expand = (D/T) * (D/T²)


(CoSin X) = (CoSin Y) * Expand | Replace


(CoSin Y) * Expand = (CoSin X) | Replace

(c)Rupert S

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