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Sound-focusing & Wave-Focus-ANC & WF_AnANC (c)RS

Sound Violation & Noise + Digital + Electronic noise reduction in harmonic failure.

Applicable to HDMI, VESA, Bluetooth, Radio, DAB Radio & TV, WIFI & all energy technology though licenced technology (c)RS

By applying wave sampling to waveforms & compression waveforms (Wavelets) we can either
Subtract or add to the wave, By applying Noise suppression or noise shaping or noise boosting..

To the electronic, Light or energy or Data, Image or audio we can shape that wave so that the value displayed or utilised is:


Dr ANC Table: Applies to:

File compression
File Accuracy
Noise levels
Power & amplification

Sensors &+ Noise
Sharpening & Enhancing
Processing, Isolating or Extrapolating Data
Video process
Audio Process
Data Process


More or less

Uniform or ordered
Cleaner or Original
Unique or the Same as the Master


Anti +- Wave-Focus-ANC : ANC Applied to invert frequencies in:RS

NE Noise Enhancement }for a purpose
NR Noise Reduction }
Shaping & Direction }
Sharpening & Enhancing }
Isolating or extrapolating Data }
Resultant Manipulation }
Resultant Clarification or Simplification }

Speakers & Display Systems : TV, Monitor, VR, Motion sensation & Haptic Feedback
Sensors & Camera or Video & motion etcetera
Signal &+- noise data with statistical & or dynamic data
Mechanical motion enhancement
Mechanical vibration
Electrical noise & Static
Cars & Aeroplanes & space ships
Fan blades

Application of a static vibrator (Physical, Electrical, Energy & force)
For common noise reduction or enhancement or filter..
Beside the application though automatic reduction such as:

Static foam
Metal & polymer & Resin

Component for common vibration of a statistically normalize level & Dynamic NR + Dynamic NE

To direct sound through computational variance of sound wave profile so that it varies or vibrates the cone in different ways to reflect:

A 3 Dimensional shape over the cone that will reproduce a sound varied over a 3D space such as an eardrum or ear tunnel or a room..

Or otherwise shape sound though ANC Noise Cancelling calculation Sin, Cos & Tan Waves varied over time to modulate audio or filter Audio

To Shape audio and enhance it though Inverted ANC & thus subtly or greatly boost & direct audio in subtle ways that reflect across surfaces & angles ...

Both to boost waves in the Sense of EQ or to enhance or modify measured Fidelity of a speaker or relay:

Examples of inverted &+ ANC:

Electric cables carry noise (Remove it) or use noise to enhance audio boosting.
(principally like jiu Jitsu: To use momentum to advantage)

To shape waves & to make clean & precise, Sharp, Angular or otherwise shape.

In AMP's, Power converters, Cables and other energy systems such as:
Cameras, Lenses, Lasers, Emitters & receivers.

Image systems, Sensors & File save formats & HDD, SSD..
Application in principle enhances or destroys or shapes noise..
As we know Noise shaping also involves wavelets:

Both applicable second layer modifiers +-
& Wave co-modifiers.

(JPG & ALAC, AAC & SBC + Other file compression systems)

Enhancement, Sharpening & improvements..
Quality, Colour, Sound, Energy, Waveforms.

(c)Rupert S

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