Saturday, October 9, 2021

ECCD-VR-3DAtmos - Enhanced Codec Compression Digital VR

ECCD-VR-3DAtmos - Enhanced Codec Compression Digital VR 7(+16) 1(+2) (L + R) With combined Bitrate Centre channel (c)RS

For TOSLink, ARC, eARC, Bluetooth

TOSLink specifics are 384Kb/s , If we can manage 1Mb/s Many Codecs work as is.
Bluetooth has the same issues with Data rate & ARC also.

Bluetooth has a specific capacity of 10Mb,
But often 1Mb/s is Codec maximum with reasonable CPU usage.

Specifically, the Encoder & Decoder rate of 1mb/s capacity can do 7.1 with Atmos VR Channels from 16 to 38.

The VR channel capacity is achieved by combining Extended channels (L + R) With combined Bitrate Center channel,

The capacity to decode with interpolation &or Mathematical Dithering of the (L + R) Center,
Therefore extending virtual channels within the Dolby Atmos + DTS Standards.

(L + R) With combined Bitrate Center channel,

(L + /VR\ + R) Sub (L + /VR\ + R)

(L + /VR\ + R) VRCenterSub (L + /VR\ + R)

(L + /VR\ + R) Sub (L + /VR\ + R)

(c)Rupert Summerskill


SBC — 200 to 328kbps
AAC — 128 to 256kbps
LC3 — 160 to 345kbps
LDAC — 300kbps, 660kbps, 990kbps
aptX — 352kbps
aptX HD — 576kbps
aptX Adaptive — 279 to 420kbps
aptX Lossless — 120kbps to >1Mbps


Dolby Atmos 3D Audio in production

Useful codec speed improvement:

#ASIO Produces lower latency from audio Input/Output Cycles
ASIO #FasterAudio : but a lot faster, like in gaming or production

Samples for Codec & Sound optimisation, Recorded on 2D Mic in 3D

DJ Bobby laser sample , 2 min sample 3D Audio + MC Vocal by JN

Buddhist Sentience Laboratory

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