Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bubbling ferment

Bubbling ferment (C)RS

when you look at space closely  it bubbles with the sub particle creation...
people might be wondering  : why is this happening ?

its simple : its boiling

to explain this is simple , Space is within a vast space of substance well below Zero kelvin..
in order for the universe to exist it constantly gives off energy ,
every day more energy is released to keep existence alive ,
what you are seeing is space boiling in a vacuum of vacuum's ,

entropy wants to win and it does so by sucking energy from life ,
Before you whine about this realise one thing ..

Life would not exist without it , in fact life is there because ; energy existed within chaos and another thing wanted it all ,
there is balance and thanks to that we exist.

maintain the balance because to much entropy would wipe us from history and too little would mean no existence at all.

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Unknown said...

Rite ! Parrells ... parables ......
No light without darkness ...

Unbareable Compassion is an
Unbreakable Comparrison !

As Above So Below

Whatever Is So, could Not Be Otherwise !