Tuesday, September 9, 2014

are we what we eat (implications of quantum property sharing)

are we what we eat (implications of quantum property sharing)

well i consider the acceptance that we and all things share the properties inherited from that around us to mean that "we are what we eat" 

in accordance with fully accepting that atoms share properties with other atoms next to them we can conclude safely that almost every thing shares with every thing else.
such a thing has a profound and universal implication for how we see our brothers and sisters ....
genetics and life...
disrupting this flow seems almost unholy to me.
let us role play the property sharing on several levels,
genetic sharing (sex)
social sharing - hormones and feelings
food and clothing...

simply putting the sharing principle into effect means that anything that is destroyed effects us....

living creatures sharing a common bond of empathy and mutual effect,
for in effect what you are saying is that every object and being has value to the observer and that ultimately we are all affected by every thing , including the universe.

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