Friday, August 22, 2014

order disorder - chaos and entropy

order disorder - chaos and entropy


well ordered things always work as expected .... <> perfect order never exceeds expectations or does anything surprising...

order is efficient <> creativity comes from surprise

life is a system of ordered originality, how does that work*

one cannot expect every thing to work out as expected and have anything outside of that be true....
you plan for war is the survival of a man or a single family in the middle of a bombing run an act of perfection ? or an act of expectation.

do you imagine out perfectly ordered exterminations during purges will leave a single wild flower free ?

would you say in truth that Einstein exceeded his position as the executer of postage stamps... of staple things and an ordered rigid society. :-)

regulation is designed to handle the difficult assumption that a child - woman or man where capable of deciding anything that the rule parenthesise....
an assumption that a person is incapable of a single good act without fear can be proved true or false depending on how a child was and is raised... and bearing in mind the mind of the individual to self differentiate in expression but hold the hands of two twins , are both minds made up about the same facts to follow expectation - just as two bound electrons are supposed to be of opposite values within a synchronocity ... the quantum world differentiates by cause and balance's by act of war - Check mate

for a single most puzzling fact about the beginning of the universe is that order was not present in the actions of the big bang/inflations and sudden appearance of matter and according to our own desire to believe in the impossibility of something not appearing without it's corresponding pair (like socks eh)
for in the presence of created negativity , created positivity..

relationships can go years without the total destruction of love by the desire to get your own way and or be destroyed by getting it.

end of the day the world runs according to lose expectations of what a average person will do and say,
for the desire for perfectly predictable behaviour within a system you create perfect death , perfect slavery and perfect boredom..
100% predictability provide well planed results and 0% likelihood that a system will be as we are today...

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