Friday, August 29, 2014

petroleum - the cost of burning

the hidden sides of burning gasoline and diesel

when ever a gas company is making profits off of burning gasoline and diesel in engines they take for granted that at a later date renewabls can be developed (after being stunted and slandered by the petrochemical industry)

but in this great famine of the gasoline world what will really be missing ?
what is the most invisible side of splurging all our gas on 1970 onward american gas guzzling cars ....

ill name a few things we shall miss :

plastics : glasses , lenses , steering wheels , car seat belts , wheels , paints etcetera...

pharmaceutical industry : solvents , drugs (plastic syringes also)

computer components : diode's , screens , cases , paints

shoes , socks , coats , hair combs , hair clips

phones : padding foam , cases , screens , L.E.D's

plastic films on things , water repulsive films

ladies and gentlemen the economics of the petrochemical industry have us burning it in cars and trucks when those things can easily be replaced by electric or organic.... people think that petroleum should be burned....

should it ?

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