Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hologram Universes

Hologram Universes (c)RS

Vectors i believe are an ideal of a system that represents the hologram
my argument would be based upon the principles of geometry and the laws of conservation of energy.

geometry states : between two points the most efficient way to get from point A to point B without granularity is a line , a line is a vector.

if the universe stuck to the pure rules of geometry without error then the line and the circle are ideal examples of rules that are simple to reproduce and efficient in concept.

one would assume that simply sticking to the rules of geometry on an infinite replicating medium - represented within a hologram would in principle stick to an error free copy with exactingly perfect mirror effects.

a mirror effect could be proven when both the left and the right side of your face where exactly the same ( not many people are exact ideal representations of left and right replication )
the same for below as above within a fractal in an ideal environment.

so what are we to assume about the universe ?

few forms of life are perfect vectors
in a vector hologram universe the ideal is geometric symmetry for that is in theory the most efficient.

the brain is an example of a replicating system that follows rules to reproduce,
the brain is not perfectly symetrical mirroring ( however the brain does work well and reasonably error free )

hands for example are of a differing shape and size on the same body...
a fractal represents perfection perfectly ( it can also not if the rules are right )

based upon the assumptions of perfect replication and perfect reproduction one would assume that a hologram universe would be ideally perfect according to geometric principles and if it was not, that the product within it would almost certainly go back to perfection - because within maths perfection and simplicity are ideals not only of the mind but also of efficiency..
however perfection is perfectly boring is it not ? but then we do instinctively strive for perfection and efficiency.

result = (effort) x (knowledge + power + brain power)

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