Friday, December 12, 2014

the universe of opposites

creation and the balance of positive versus negative force

the creation of time and the infinite harmony of the spheres of creation

one thing puzzling science for rather a long time is the lack of anti matter in our universe and obviously the fact that gravity and time appear to be two unbalanced forces in that there is only time not anti time and gravity have we found an exacting impulse of opposites ?

however in the proposition that there is a universe and an anti universe we find a solution for the basic problem for the creation of matter from pre universe conditions ....

for if the anti matter simply went in the opposite direction in time (a dimensional value or an expression of a sub concept of dimensionality... for one supposes time may not even be a dimension as we see it..

so basically with an opposing universe to counter our own in exacting measure there is no need to puzzle over the maths for one simply can say nothing made every thing for the sum of two exactly massing opposites is Zero and so we can solve our equation expressing that fact.

*thoughts in supposition*

however there is still the point that while we can say these things and think it says every thing we need to know, the miracle of life is still a wondrous blessing to be grateful for..

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