Thursday, October 23, 2014

Casimir force and the relation between fluids and viscosity

i was thinking about the casimir force as defined in a physics video and i was observing his example of a similar force in the form of two ships being attracted together when moored during rough weather and the fact that waves on the outside of the ships can take many forms that cannot be between them....

he referenced metals , however if you understand the relationship between a fluid and it's viscosity as defined by the electrical energy needed to tear the atoms of the fluid from the combined wave energy within a specific volume and the fact that that energy equates to the fluid's attraction to metals or other surfaces , depending on the electrical wave forms compatibility with the wave harmonic of the fluid...

defined as :

energetic wave : Ew
compatibility coefficient of the surfaces to the wave form of the fluid : Ccf
that the combined field ether is attracted by harmonic attraction or repelled by harmonic dissonance...
and or interfierence for it is entirly possible for a vibration to creat chaotic energy patters within the fluid or serface that will force changes in the viscosity and sticking potential of the fluid and thusly to change the casimir force between the atoms.

thus from this we understand the interaction of waves and energy upon the stickiness / fluidity and or attraction in both fluids , solids and sand..

however while the affecting electrons are behaving in different circumstances to the casimir effects found in electrical wires , the reasons for the force and reaction is the same.

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