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the nature of emotions and bonding amongst various species of animals and man

the nature of emotions and bonding amongst various species of animals and man (c)RS

feeling are something both from the soul and the mind
the complexity of emotions has been proven to turn people in to lovers , mad men poets and philosophers and or simply ignored as merit-less...

in the human species there are a wide veriety of emotions and bonding and i feel the emotional side of life has gone far beyond simple survival in it's remit and it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to the usefullness of emotions , it can and does come in at least 2 flavours ..

those feeling nessery for servival and those that make life a valid achievment upon this earth.

it can be stated for example that a monky may well morn the dead well beyond the point where it is displaying something simply for the sake of servival and that the mechanics behind greaving for example go beyond the nessesity to protect the tribe and can indeed have a detrimental affect on the viability of that animal..

a fine example is the greving dog looking after it's master when he or she is clearly dead or too sick to provide the sustinance that is the reward for the dogs loyalty...

the bond of the pack can for example extend from a dog to a hamster or from a rabbit to a cat...

the viability of emotions and the perceived sophistication of the displayed emotion can and does relate for the most part to the size and function of the brain of the animal and human..

however the grounds for feeling may flourish in a snake , a hamster or a monkey or gorilla and based upon the species need for emotion can range from complex and long term to short lived enjoyment and tendencies to hang out in the same place or to protect or harm one another...

fairness and emotional rewards such as petting , gifting and nurturing are some but not all of the values and abilities displayed by the emotion generating chemicals and spirit.

for a fact the value place upon the emotion of happiness varies from person to person and animal to animal,
experience and expectations garner , value or devalue the application of emotion to the daily life of living being like mammals and some even dismiss their value completely but for some hind brain satisfactions like sex or dominance...

the range of emotional and character traits displayed amongst a species like the elephant , the chimp , the rhino , the tiger , the lion , gorillas and dolphins and in very apparently hind brained creatures like the bird are a well fought over and studied ground ... feelings and work range from "animals don't have feelings just reactions" to "every animal has some kind of emotional content" ..

however there is little dispute to the fact that brain size attributes and changes the value and sophistication of the emotion displayed,

an animal like the gorilla can range from kind natured with dominance to weak natured and cruel.

for example some gorilla males (alpha) are nurturing to the young no matter how well and hard they fight and are kind or caring or nurturing of the young and or show acts of mercy to others...

however not all gorilla males or females are like this and characters can range from menacing and or cowardly to brave , kind , temperamental , fair or one sided and obviously many other emotional or physical reactions and temperaments.

to sum my thesis i will state :

emotion is not just about survival any more.
emotion can be less or more than needed for survival.
emotion varies to much between individuals to be simply about the species.

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