Friday, February 21, 2014

why phones under the breast might be a bad idea for cancer and a couple of ideas

basically i believe fatty tissue has higher water content and is a less oxygen intensive environment than muscle cells ....

so because of this is not as well designed for the hydroxide made in the cells by the passing radiation....

higher water content within the fat cells can i believe quickly turn into bad fats in a place not expecting a high rate of acid and alkaline... such as is found in active tissues.

so bad ions quickly turn into a long term illness in the vulnerable regenerating tissues of the breast.
and can quickly turn into dioxins..

but cancers are vulnerable to radiation also.. and i suspect breast cancer particularly so.

i might suggest placing a radiation defuser and or shield to lessen the radiation towards the body , so it is not concentrated close to the fat..

also i would recommend the use of a program like juice defender >


that lowers the data rate when the phone is not being used via the screen, and turning off data sending / wifi etc when the phones internet is not in use.. and juice defender does just such a thing and i use it myself.


cancer in breast due to phone is a possibility >

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