Friday, July 26, 2013

Light in stasis and its cosequences to technology

reading the below quoted scientific publication i have a proposition to make :)Light in stasis and its uses (C)RS

crystals can be extreamly pure 
the light held still makes for two and merged possibilities ....
random access memory and quantum computing...
you see the memory would be able to switch states like a processor and or be stored to a defined setting...
bits can modify to make processors and be kept solid to make traditional type ram
bits can go through state evolution to reach a quantum state = processor
and or used like a traditional processor only one made with light transistors and light diodes..
no more need to replace data with complex and slow gates or normal storage
in addition because light is extremely small and capable of holographic interference pure hologram ram can be used this century.

cross phased light in a quantum state = perfect quantum ram
it also makes for a perfect point to access light transistor gates from within themselves of caching and pre-fetching...

both traditional and quantum gate technology is possible and quite patentable (c) RS :-) 

bit modification of light quantum states by manipulating the second photon makes the light processor programmable from outside subzero temperatures and able to store data from normal processors at the speed of light.

light gates prismatic , optical , chemical (chemicals that change density through reaction and or electric , magnetic manipulation) , physical through physical motion of nano particles and of-course gravimetric shift and temporal buffering through interactive prisms

quote :
"While light normally travels at just under 300 million metres per second in a vacuum, physicists managed to slow it down to just 17 metres per second in 1999 and then halt it completely two years later, though only for a fraction of a second. Earlier this year, researchers kept it still for 16 seconds using cold atoms."

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