Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nano tubing a potent source of cohesive light

nano tubes have potential as a source of lazier light what's more white lazier (c)RS

due to the stated 1 dimensionality they have the capability of being use and harnessed as a source for concentrated light that does not come from a traditional lazier source ...

they also can be used to create focus effect

quote :

Light-emitting nanotubes get brighter with zero-dimensional states: http://phy.so/293771015

Carbon nanotubes have the potential to function as light-emitting devices, which could lead to a variety of nanophotonics applications. However, nanotubes currently have a low luminescence quantum yield, typically around 1%, which is restricted by their one-dimensional nature. In a new study, scientists have demonstrated that artificially modifying the dimensionality of carbon nanotubes by doping them with zero-dimensional states can increase their luminosity to 18%. The findings could lead to the development of nanophotonics devices such as a near-infrared single-photon emitter that operates at room temperature.

(Image: Yuhei Miyauchi, et al. ©2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited)

 end quote :
so it can be proven that the material is usable  for purposes such as signalling and fibre optics and other uses such as monitors where LED's need a replacement and this is an ideal material both because it is strong (scratch proof) and resilient.

and i propose the idea also of using it in mobile applications such as phones or laptops and window displays

(c) RS

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