Tuesday, May 21, 2013

cosmos in balance the life in the machine

cosmos in balance

life comes in sections , slivers shivering down your spine
life burns inside you the storm of a thousand burning suns
life flows through veins hot burning alive

who are you to say we are not alive

simply put the cosmos was created in an instant so hot beyond comprehension to mortal man ;p
is it not a comment that when angry we do our worst works and desperation frightens us into a fury of trying.

devotion to cause makes a reason seem in excess

time does not come quantifiable by simply expressing the chemical reactions for provably time is chemically  related to the use you put it to.

when you need to work fast the metabolism and chemical flow paths (blood and vein's) are pumping your system to top performance and so the time allocation system undoubtedly adjusts..
noticeably so in fact.

common tasks carries out efficiently through years of practice flow with ease and deftness ...
untrained tasks take more time than you think they will and is often botched.

notably all functions are thusly proven to be adaptive rather than direct task preprogrammed tools,
life would not adapt so well to modern challenges and even an ant can partially succeed ..

so for a fact programming of the nerves did not happen at birth and or before it , but that it be a partial programming.

so provably we are adaptive technology and not pre programmed machines.

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