Monday, May 27, 2013

Vector Energy Entropic Chaos

inertia is the force of resistance against movement...

an example :

The mat is ideal example because when you beat the mat you apply energy into the system ... that energy transfers to different parts that are joined together (the mat)
the mat move but slowly because of mass (resistance to movement)
not infinitely fast and the dust jumps off the mat as it creates patterned wave forms in the mat that counter the energy input and the dust leaves in another direction (aka off the mat)

the wave forms however store the energy rather than transfer it into a direct vector reaction and thusly heat is created rather than motion

such a thing is called Vector Energy Entropic chaos (c) RS

basicly the energy finds multiple forms of low energy expression based on how pure the energy transfer and expression is...

how hard , how flexible , how dense etcetera

another perfect example of this is a high density bullet piercing a lighter armour ...

ripples in the armour deflect some of the energy from direct transfer and also convert some into lower energies like heat.


energy is a stored vector ....

energy is a wave form , a wave form is a vector that vibrates up and down or side to side and when released becomes a vector with the same properties,

light (translated into movement) is a perfect example of this - in short all energy is a vector that is stored.