Friday, January 4, 2013

Infinite Mass

Infinite Mass

When discussing the Higg's field with my brother , 
We discussed the removal of mass that might occur by applying some field or other source of manipulating the interference the Higg's applies when it connects with other matter.. 

Now to my eyes the Higg's has always just been a part of the matrix that defines space, 

What i mean by this is that the Higg's is a part of the paper the universe has been defined as ; 
As you will it is the invisible substance across which all interactions happen. 

I would personally anticipate some problems with it's removal from matter... 
The problem with removing mass ; 

While matter with no mass could theoretical achieve infinite speed by the release of a single ion from a pump ; Mass has always played a part in the possible energy levels containable by mass ... 

What i mean is an object with less mass cannot retain the energy that an object with greater mass could :)

So theoretically a zero mass particle could not contain energy (energy in the form of light and heat) 
thusly could not be used without study for propulsion purposes. 

The particle would also i believe be spreading its interactive field over a vast aria, 
What i mean by that is ; The electron has a spread of positions it can be interacted with ; 
The theory being that because of the lighter mass of the particle it's aria of influence is greater.. 

So using that theorem as an example one might expect the atoms in the influenced item or craft to have a theoretical aria of influence much larger than a simple electron..

So one source of immediate worry would be how is this influence going to affect things .. ? 

Also there is significant pull to say it might not even emit W or Z boson interactions and depending on those issues what might the matter look like ? *** mass increases , 

could make instant black holes of even a tea cup ;-) 


Could not also The Higg's field be increased/Strengthened/Hardened or altered though manipulation?

For example making red matter..

Increasing the density of atomic components such as the electron & defining ..
Inertia; Momentum; Significance; Light density interactions.


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