Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Einstein is his theory ever broken ?

I was reading chapter 2 of the book the elegant universe (a book about string theory)
and this chapter was about gravity and the laws of relativity...

Several points where reminded of :

Space bends to make gravity
time is effected by gravity and that time is a sort of speed ( much like my earlier work on that fact )


Effectively the denser the matter the more of the basic space it warps and compresses ..
so effectively in a larg enough black hole the spatial field density could effectively be infinite and time would ether stop almost or completely or all-together or reverse..

because of the black holes event horizon where time would stop the time passing could not happen on the outside,

What this effectively means is time must pass inside to preserve the laws of entropy and because it cant happen in the black hole as it is ... it is effectively forced to make its own dimensional space...

creating its own universe ...

depending on factors it can range from a simple re play of the matter inside it's life as lived before ...
( Due to the laws of chaos and entropy this is most unlikely althou it could be almost the same )

Basicl'y as the matter has fallen in time it gains energy and thus the capacity for additional matter and even a big bang of it's own with unknown potential, amazing eh :-)

Now as a subset of this theory because of these facts the laws of physics are in-fact not broken at all...
Indeed the greater density of the universal field in which all matter exists (Within the black hole) ..
Allows for a higher precision of events within the void of the black and thusly the laws of physics are very likely never broken ; but rather moved by slight of hand to a subset of spatial dimensions !

end of story , additional content later after thought


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