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light a theory on the creation of a 3D image from a light source

light a theory on the creation of a 3D image from a light source


imagine light having several properties ...

polarisation for example comes from how the electrons are arranged in the atom and also contains a space so from that data alone we can build a data picture...

light from a source is quantum linked to that source , mabee even through time.
and thusly it is possible for a message to travel to the source if one can manipulate the light / energy
and creat an image of the state of the origin...  a holographic one.

lights colour is defined through its place in the spectrum but if one isolated individual wave lengths by single photon one can actually build up a map of the atomic composition of a star , planet or person in a very detailed manner.. (c)RS

one would simply have to create a photon reception array that responds to single photons individually using a nano particle mesh..


there are several points about wormhole connections using classic wormhole ideas ....

energy transfer along the wormhole would usually mean that the energy between the two would balance as it travels through the worm hole.... which would destroy the classic universe in an instant.

however if the wormholes have zero energy transfer are they wormholes at all ?

classic definitions of linking might not work but i would propose a new model involving the state storage in an alternate dimensional state where for example data (qbits) are stored without any relative dimensionality being present to separate the particles...

such a proof would prove that we could possible be inside a black hole for the relitive term for infinite energy in an infinitesimal dot is black-hole... and thusly possibly provide proof of the fact

the other conditional assumption of Zero energy transfer wormholes is a total lack of relativistic terms or conditions and thusly infinite energy transfer across a boundary of Zero time.

yours sincerely (c)RS

Quote following >
Worm holes in atomic synergy

Via Max Tegmark: "Are entangled quantum particles connected by wormholes? Wormholes, posited shortcuts through spacetime, have long been fodder for science fiction stories.

Now a radical new idea is creating buzz in the physics community: that for every pair of particles that are linked by so-called quantum entanglement, there's a wormhole connecting them.

Maldacena & Susskind proposed this two months ago
(, and the other day, fresh evidence for it was presented by my student Hrant Gharibyan and our postdoc Bob Penna (, who showed that there's a beautiful duality between famous theorems about quantum information and theorems about wormhole geometry.

I think it's too early to bet the farm on wormholes, but their stock price has definitely risen!"

What are wormholes?

Uber nerdy: If spacetime is built out of quantum bits, does the shape of space depend on how the bits are entangled? The ER=EPR conjecture relates the entanglement entropy of a collection of black holes to the cross sectional area of Einstein-Rosen (ER) bridges (or wormholes) connecting them. We show that the geometrical entropy of classical ER bridges satisfies the subadditivity, triangle, strong subadditivity, and CLW inequalities. These are nontrivial properties of entanglement entropy, so this is evidence for ER=EPR. We further show that the entanglement entropy associated to classical ER bridges has nonpositive interaction information. This is not a property of entanglement entropy, in general. For example, the entangled four qubit pure state |GHZ_4>=(|0000>+|1111>)/\sqrt{2} has positive interaction information, so this state cannot be described by a classical ER bridge. Large black holes with massive amounts of entanglement between them can fail to have a classical ER bridge if they are built out of |GHZ_4> states. States with nonpositive interaction information are called monogamous. We conclude that classical ER bridges require monogamous EPR correlations.

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