Saturday, August 10, 2013

supposition states the transverse of 3D data into a 2D map

supposition states the transverse of 3D data into a 2D map (c)RS

using geometry it is provable that the transfer from multi dimensional base reality into multi phase singular dimension is possible...

a black hole is a point of no dimension but rather a single point of supposition states ...
in effect a 1 dimensional hologram...

how is this possible ? wave forms are not digital and thusly between 2 points there are an infinite set of sub measurements just as with a fractal and chaos theory..

thusly everything in a black hole is a supposition of complex data into a minimal dimensional map and theoretical'ly an infinity of sub sets could be formed within the data set ,

this supposition fits in my theory of infinity bubble universes where the sub bubble can be outside or inside ... the virtual spaces and dimensions and infinite and almost immortal..

no limit to maximum data and the theory is infinity as a true form of subsets.

((n1,n2,n3)(abc)+((n1,n2,n3)(zxy)) (merged mapping)

dimensional space mapping of multi dimensions

however within entropic theory there is a gamut of possibility and if one where to take the point of view that entropy stays at a static value versus the ever subset'ed universe hologram there would be a limit and the closer you got to the minimum point the entropy value would outweigh the original data and at the end there would be no data , only noise.

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