Friday, October 4, 2013

ecology for a better world

the simplest thing to remember about the world is that even the sea should be farmed rather than raided...

basicly fish bring minerals and resources that the sea needs to the surface , where bacteria and the vital flora of the sea produce all our oxygen..

remember : no air no life : no fish no food

fishery stocks must be regrown and planted > egg farms

a selfish fisherman would say : the sea does it by itself ! in our age we know massive over fishing and sadly that is turning the sea into a waste land where it is hard to find the food we need.

quotas are not some selfish government plan to make fishermen poor , it is a means of sustaining fishery stocks so we can carry on earning a living ; feeding our people and conserving the natural resources of the world.


the same goes for trees and crops in africa and other nations...

americans have seen the dust bowl of the 1980's in america where the soil flies away because of huge mono culture fields..

in africa simply planting more trees and shrubs that can hold down the land allows the furtherance of the future and well-being of africans ; as well as saving lives ; making africa more beautiful.

ecology : plant what you need , plant what you should , plant some trees today and also shrubs
holds the earth down and maintains water and nutrients in the soil and can also be a resource.

ecology is not some namby pamby idealism it is a realistic management of the environment for the benefit of all.


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