Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trans Sexuality in teens

i don't honestly like this transgender teen movement thing ....
sorry but every teen goes though hormonal shift and if we offer a "quick solution" in the form of drugs then loads of teens will be taking hormones ...

it has become an easier path to treat an uncertain teen with hormones than wait for their own systems to kick in !

when i was a teen i wasn't even hormonal until like 17 and until then a little out of place with societies expectations...

teens learn now : if you are uncertain then it is because you do not belong !
but this is not the truth for indeed many peoples hormones kick in later in life and giving them treatment so that they can never have kids is simply wrong in my eyes.

sorry to you if you believe giving hormones in the teens is acceptable .. to change sex.. because frankly no it is not.

frankly teen hormones are rocky, there is achny and there has been for more than 2000 years.

teens are hormonal and the great writers of greece even wrote about teen troubles.

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