Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The big bang & wormholes

The big bang & wormholes by Rupert S ©

The biggest problem with the big bang (that big explosion) is how the universe got so big.. So fast..

If worm holes where opened by massive disparities of energy levels...
So if we use lightening as an example ...
Then wormholes are a way for massive amounts of energy to dissipate.
So in order for wormholes like this to form :

Point A lots of energy forms a link to point B with a lot less or non..

Think as the universes existence layer as having a very high resistance..
For if it had non then all the energy would dissipate..
Let us just say for the experiment that the theoretical volume of the potential universe is infinite,
However once the universe has expanded beyond a certain point ..
The opening of energy transfer portals is improbable..

Energy tunnelling over massive distances and dimensions is therefore most unlikely ...
When the source energy level is comparably similar to the closest points where that energy may jump to,
However that may still happen on occasion .. For when there is a massive differential in energy levels..
The resistance is overcome..

However how long that portal/wormhole remains open is debatable..

However the jump distance may vary or indeed be very short…
As one expects that pre formed big bang wormholes are 90% of the time of a short range in U shapes..
Still as this is still faster than light one would think..

A possible reason for that super fast initial expansion of the universe..
Ether though billions of micro jumps or and though larger jumps that massively accelerated the transfer of mass and or energy ..
through the expansion phase of the universe,
Within the initial seconds of massive energy differential that the big bang/energy release represented..

Further more may also expedite the understanding that energy concentrated in irregular massed and hence formed the universe as seen today.


However in essence we would expect an uncontrolled wormhole opening to lead towards a space with very little energy, or at least with a lot less..

This may produce results of unfortunate consequences if opened up on a planet..

Such as the removal of heat or other forms of energy such as electrons or air..

As one could see this may be something one would prefer to avoid.

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