Saturday, September 5, 2015

Expanding universe and explosions - time relative to the speed of light - the dimensional axis

Because of the big bang and ourselves apparently living in a vacuum...
The nature of explosions to expand ...

There is reason to assume that most things within an explosion/continuum will continue to expand..

Relative to the point of origin..

Now obviously things in the centre of an explosion expand less quickly,
Those on the outside expand faster ...

Now obviously considering the size of the big bang and how much matter it created ..
Most things where moving as fast as they could within the continuum of space time,

The question has always been how big is this explosion ? how powerful and what from was it formed..

So naturally energy explodes outward in our dream of a world...

However when something is close to something else (like two cars on a road) the expansion or speed of one thing relative to another, within that space is not apparent to the observer !

We ourselves observe how much energy it takes to get matter close to the speed of light, the closer one gets the more energy needs to be expended to get a little closer..

In fact Matter going close to the speed of light passes virtually no time compared to us..
the closer we get matter to light .. the slower time is relatively.. so essentially the reason light speed is almost impossible to reach with matter is that the wave of time comes to a standstill compared to us relatively.. so to move forward in virtually no time is in fact fast beyond belief,

Hence closer to light speed means time changes relative to other observers,
still thy lips for time has stopped.

In our big bang the energies unleashed where huge.. So every piece of matter within that explosion is pushed by an initial burst, Calculations show that the explosion was intense, violent and extremely fast.. (apparently faster than light but that is explained in fact by the explosion being relative to the continuum.. perhaps also moving at speed.)

Now because the speed of light and the speed of sound appear to be fixed within a material of certain densities .. depending on how dense space really is, the speed of light/sound within that medium relative to an actual empty void is always going to be greater..

space has a mass and a physical presence, Believing that space is empty is one of the biggest mistakes one can make !

however compared to what a true void looks like, the reality of our positively expanding vacuum is definitely not empty,
Relative to ourselves space is empty and however we have shown though experimentation the force of vacuum energy, so space is far from empty..

No in fact space is not empty at all,
We all move, How fast is the mystery..

*remember "time is relative to dimension and velocity" so actual time and experience is directly related to the speed travelled.

The big bang continues, relative to our time line.


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