Monday, July 20, 2015

Natural Oils - the place of oils within the body

Natural Oils - the place of oils within the body (some of them anyway)

In today's world with so many fat people (in some richer parts of the world)
Energy value of a food item .. is purely regarded as a negative !

For example i have read recent reports to the effect that, by cooking food a certain way one can effectively half the obtained calories of that food ...

Now in this world, half of it's people live with less than the recommended daily energy requirement..
so in order to counteract the tenancy of western nations to:

*western negatives*

"think of calories as the enemy"
"Thinking people excuse the greed of excessively fat people - saying : it's the environment"

with half the world hungry; It is time to switch places for a second..

"Think of food, for what food is" :

nourishment & the ability to "live, work, rest and play"


So about oils : well ?

Oils provide more than one benefit...

A: oils lubricate the body - the skin, the hair, the heart, the eyes, the muscles...

B: oils help repair the body - applying a mild oil to bruises and or cuts can provably aid healing...
and also keep the skin sanitised, clean and well + stop bleeding.

C: Many oils & vitamins provide anti oxidant buffering & or mitigation...

D: Oils provide cleaning services in the blood stream + generally around the body...

d1: Oils will dissolve fats coagulating in the blood and or on vein walls...
d2: they will aid or buffer reactions...

E: oils provide a source of energy and or nourishment.

Essentially - oils rock... not all oils but a lot of them,
Some are better than others however...

In addition oils are proven to make food taste better.. (if used with care)

Yours kindly (c)RS

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