Thursday, April 23, 2015

hologram and the universe

Well of an interesting note do multiple equal luminosity rainbows happen in holograms ?

** in reference to the following singular source claim a set of double rainbows :


The photo itself is of interest and as a researcher one would undoubtedly need the source image/file..
and to prove that it was un-edited or digitally mastered/modified..

The two rainbows are also at two differing angles and yet align at a central point...
The predominant colours at that point appearing to be yellow and orange..

The two rainbows also appear to be of the same luminosity scale on the image..
so one could presume discounting a reflection off of a building... ?

The rainbows appear to be made from light of a differing source distance ...
to explain this i suggest the following .. :
The diameter of a rainbow corresponds to both the diameter of the source and of the target for refraction..
and the distance to the target from source


holograms : why did i bring up this topic ?

Because in holograms there is a singular image, that image fragments into smaller images when a hologram is shattered into pieces.. and re unites when the pieces are placed seamlessly together...

Holograms prove a unique property of light and the eye..

to place these pieces together into a whole is the function of thinking minds and i personally would like to think of this as a project for all.

So the question is : Is the universe a hologram ? ;-)

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