Thursday, March 19, 2015


About time to believe in equality..
Yes women and men are different in so many ways..
That does not however mean that they lack fabulous attributes

women are smart..
women can multi task
women can do sciences , art , cook , create , make and build etcetera..

women can go to war or fight (not that i want them to have to)
women can shoot a gun.. if they have to

women can,
women can 
simple as that man


about time for people to open their eyes,
see the light where the women learn,
as always they have to make a curry at home - not at work do they burn ?

to educate..
to spit words women are irate..

don't over rate a testicle..
being more selectional..
when you count a girls brain can you be sceptical..?

oh the vision is clear..

let the ladies walk and do as they might
by feminine right.

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