Wednesday, March 11, 2015

uranium in a cloud chamber and the things worth thinking about

things to think about with this simple experiment

should you be handling it without lead gloves ?

we can see the radiation penetrating or interacting for about 10 cm..

not all radiation seems to come directly from the uranium...

what patterns and statistics can we gain : covering every radiation source would give a lot of information for analysis...

are there any lessons we can learn about radiation from this simple experiment ? : i believe it to be as interesting a CERN in some ways..

can we learn about ...

how much energy is transferred per interaction.. ?
can we learn how fast that energy makes an atom move ?
can we learn to realise the density of atoms within a material .. when we compare it to how long it releases for and how much versus the studied imitation probability.. ?
can we grasp how dangerous radio active compounds are ... for example with samples of germs at specific distances from the source.. ?
can we use light/uv/infrared etcetera arrays to study the ways that energy is cast off from individual reactions to further study the results..
could we study the resulting atoms at specific distances ... after they finish moving (like CERN)

in short there are many valid experimental paths for basic experiments : never under estimate the basics.

also there are a fair few videos so some research might not even need you to do more than contact the sources and analysis the source videos with computers and neural nets...

in reference to :

Cloudylabs cloud chamber working approx 50 min [720p] - other videos also available under search term

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